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White and Blue


What I wore

Dress – Zara (different colour) / Shoes – Teva / Bag – Sophie Fleming / Sunnies – Accessories 

Last weekend I popped over to Geneva to visit my sister who lives over there. We did a lot of wandering, and visiting other cities and towns around Lake Geneva.

These photographs were taken in Lausanne which is my favourite place we visited. It’s a lively, young city with a lot to see and do, and the Lake is particularly beautiful there as you have a view of mountains, and city depending on which way you choose to look.


Standing Zara

Zara Short Dress

Just before I left I picked up this bad boy in the Zara sale. They may not have had it in my size but I may have bought it anyway because OMG SECRET SHORTS HIDDEN IN THE DRESS. No more holding my skirt down every time the wind blows, or I sit down on something too hot/cold. No more desperately hunting down slip dresses to wear underneath a white dress because you bought another white dress. No more sweat chafe. Yeah, I mentioned sweat chafe you don’t get that in your everyday outfit post do ya!

I may have been told by my boyfriend that I look like I’m wearing a duvet.

I may have felt a little silly uploading these photos and seeing just how big for me the dress really is.

Also that the little white thread that you hang things with is flapping around across my neck.

But all of that is irrelevant because OMG SECRET SHORTS IN MY DRESS! Honestly, in 33C weather that is something that should never be sneered at! It literally made my life so much easier, even if there was no wind to worry about!

But anyway that’s enough about my slightly oversized duvet gettup, and sweaty inner thighs! Just look at that blue blue sky, and blue blue water and relax…

Duvet Dress

white Dress and pretty bra

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  • Sofia Isaksson

    Beautiful Pictures! xo sofia