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Two New Wardrobe Staples

Asos Coat and Dbl Denim

You know that thing you do when your browsing the Asos sale, and just ‘happen’ to put half of the stock in your basket. Then you think to yourself:

‘I mean, what’s the chances of me wanting to keep it all? It probably won’t fit, and I’ll have to send it all back!’ ‘Ok well, maybe I’ll let myself keep one thing, but I’ll have to order it all to see what I like the best’.

And then it all arrives, and it’s all great, and you know you’ll wear it all the time, and it was a bloomin bargain so really it’s just stupid to send it back? Yep. That’s what happened here.

Asos coat and Double Denim

Sylvie on a Pedastal

Two New Staples

What I Wore

Coat – Asos / Shirt – Asos / Jeans – Topshop / Hat – similar / Sunglasses – Similar/ Shoes – Adidas

Last week, on one of those slightly mad weather days we’ve been having when it’s beautiful sunshine one second, torrential rain the next, and just a constant gale, Diego and I had little tourists day out in our home town. When you live in a city like London, where there is so much to see and do,  it’s easy to forget about what’s just around the corner. I’m both lucky and unlucky enough to live in tourist hot-spot. It means I am surrounded by beautiful Christopher Wren architecture – but I also can’t walk down the street because of all the people. It’s definitely worth checking out what’s on your doorstep every now and then, it can give everything a new sense of beauty, and give you a new appreciation for your circumstances.

Sylvie also found herself a little perch to sit on, where she could get the wind in her fur, and have a good look around at all the buildings, and the people wandering around the gardens.

Old ROyal Naval College Greenwich

Asos Coat and Double Denim 3

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  • Love this outfit so much, especially the denim shirt! 🙂 x

    Sara /

  • Bethan

    Love your outfit! You can’t beat a good denim shirt, I wear mine all the time 🙂 xx

    • thanks, I’m beginning to realise that myself! x

  • omg your dog is too cute!! …the outfit is also very lovely haha


    • Thanks Hannah! She is a cutie pie! xx

  • Saira Bashir

    I LOVE these photos so so much .. you really are lucky living in London.. I went the other day and would have LOVED to spent more time there – however I can see how it is SO busy all the time too.. so this cannot be easy when you live there ! I also just love your whole outfit so much.. definitely something I would wear!! Loved this post sweetie !!



    • Thanks Saira, thats so nice of you to say!

  • EdyeNicolesMakeup

    Wow! London is so beautiful, I’d love to visit someday 🙂 You have really pretty hair.

    Greetings from America,
    Edye //

    • Hopefully you will Edye!

  • Paige

    Super cute! And gorgeous photos, im so loving your curly hair!! x

    • Thanks so much Paige!