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Things To Do: Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Any Harry Potter haters, or mega fan’s not wanting spoilers should look away now. 

Hogwarts castle

It’s quite surprising really that I, Hermione Granger, have never made the trip to see where my school life was produced into a big blockbuster movie. Life, for me post-Voldemort has just been very busy, and you all know from reading the books about me, that I’m not one to be slacking off!

Ok, enough of the I am Hermione stuff (even though I am), and back to the tour.

Professor Umbridge office

For any fan, this is a pretty spectacular experience. Getting up close and personal with all the magical trinkets, and realising that,  yes they do actually exist and I could get a time turner if I wanted, was maybe one of my favourite moments of 2015 – no joke. On top of that I got to ride a broomstick, see the Goblet of Fire in action, ride walk through the Hogwarts Express, and drink real life butter beer (It’s much better than the version I used to make as a kid).

Me and Beauxbatons

HOgwarts xpress and diagon alley

Similarly anyone who isn’t a huge fan can get a lot out of the experience. It’s fascinating reading and learning about how the films were made, and the huge effort that went into production on so many levels. So don’t be afraid to bring your Dad’s / other halves / any other non-fan along for the ride. Although they may not be prepared to spend the whole 5 hours I took walking around, the gift shop at the end is plentiful, and they can always pick up a few chocolate frogs whilst they wait for you to finish.

My favourite parts were by far getting to stand in front of Ollivanders and pretend I was going to get my first wand. I also loved Fleur Delacour’s costume, and have now abandoned my Ravenclaw roots and decided that when I do finally go to magic school I will attend Beauxbaton’s.

It was such a spectacular experience, and I would recommend it to any witches, wizard’s, muggle’s or just those who enjoyed the movies and would like to know a bit more about it.

You can book ticket’s to live your dream life for a day here. 



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