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Things to do: Brunch at Village East SE1

Brunch with Sylvie the Westie at Village East

A couple of weekends ago I met up with the beaut’s that are Jaye, and Katy we travelled over to SE1 for a puppy-friendly brunch spot at Village East. Bermondsey Street is one of my favourite places to take Sylvie as the majority of the street is dog-friendly, so you can be confident going in somewhere that you aren’t going to be promptly thrown straight back out the door.

Both Jaye and Katy are big puppy-loving pals, and were desperate to meet Sylvie so it was the perfect chance to try a new brunch spot!

 Avocado and Feta Eggs Benedict.    Brunch at Village East SE1

and just look at those eggs…

Me and Katy both had the avocado and feta eggs benedict, because how can you not? and Jaye had the normal eggs benedict. Both came up looking and tasting delicious. The feta crumbled into the crushed avo is my new favourite thing and I’m definitely going to be trying this one at home. The coffee was also very good, and good coffee is always essential when scouting out new brunch spots.

Sylvie had a great time, and got a lot of attention which is always good by her! She spent a lot of time trying to eat Katy’s shoe (sorry) and licking the floor on a hunt for bacon. I will definitely be bringing her back to Village East as they were so welcoming, and accommodating, even making sure we had a table by the window for instagram related reasons. (no Katy definitely did not request this when booking, no, definitely not, no…Ok. Maybe.). Next time I think there will definitely be some brunch cocktails on the cards (damn my Saturday afternoon work) and probably the pancakes, as let’s be honest, however good these egg’s were it was just me trying not to be the only one eating cake for breakfast!

I’m thinking about doing a guide to dog friendly London, so if you know of anywhere that you think I should feature then let me know!

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