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The Power of Pink

Pink Lady Apples

An apple a day…

Apples. A staple fruit in all households. They don’t bruise as easily as most, they’re as juicy as…well…an apple,  they grow in the UK meaning we don’t face a) import guilt or b) import expenses, and they are good for us! (We all know the old proverb ‘An apple a day keeps the Doctor away’.)

But what if I told you you could have all of this and still be rocking this season’s most coveted trend? The most stylish and on trend of all the apples – The Pink Lady! Pink has been everywhere and now we can even kit out our fruit in the colour of the season. (Disclaimer: Pink Lady apples are not in fact a fashion item, and are pink all year, every year regardless of current trends.) The wonderful Pink Ladies down at Pink Lady apple’s invited me to get to grips with the power of pink, and find out why pink appeals to us in the way it does. The reason we love pink is all to do with the complicated psychology of colour. Although we may associate it with little girls pink is in fact ‘a feel-good comforting colour that appeals to all humans, male and female, young and old alike.’ and is linked to maternal love by our subconscious.  So there’s your answer. Pink reminds us of our beloved mum’s.


Power of Pink

The wonderful photographer India Hobson, and florist Anna Potter, (both total babes FYI) were hanging out in the Mall Galleries surrounded by a treasure trove of pink trinkets, and flowers (other colours were available) so we could try our hand at styling some interiors using the ever emotive, and happiness inducing colour. With a few nuggets of advice from the awesome twosome (is that a thing? Can we make it a thing it’s so much better than gruesome!) I was rather pleased with some of the images I captured.

It was so fascinating to see what I was picking up to use in a photo when it wasn’t my stuff, (hello giant Amethyst, and urchins!) so I’m hoping I’ll be more adventurous when styling photo’s from now on.

Milli Grace London

I’ve been just as obsessed as the next blogger with all the pink hues hanging in the rails, and I have to admit that when filtering through all the bits and bobs on the tables I was instantly drawn to anything pink – maybe it’s my subconscious reminding me of my lovely mum, maybe it’s just marketing, but either way you can’t deny the power of pink!

All that’s left to do is stock up on the pink antiques, and try really hard to stop eating the delicious, crunchy and sweet pink lady apples! One a day might be good for you, but six may be taking it a bit far…

Have you been coveting pink this season, or are you over it already?

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