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The only Instagram App you’ll ever need: UNUM

The only Instagram app you'll need

The new kid on the block

You may have been around on twitter, a couple of months ago now, when the VSCO update went live and just about everyone with an Instagram account started crying into their coco pops cos NO MORE GRID, HOW I POST NOW?

Well classic social media app not listening to its users have still not bloody changed it back, and frankly it looks like they never will!

But help is at hand. UNUM came tumbling out the woodwork that morning, as the alternative to VSCO, and best of all it’s actually built to be used FOR Instagram, rather than whatever else people use vsco for…

How it works

It has a grid feature that now allows you to upload up to nine photo’s before they go live on Instagram so you can see them in your grid, and even better it allows you to move the photo’s around by drag and dropping them rather than having to delete them and then re-upload them a-la vsco.

It has really easy to use editing features, and even allows you to put in your caption and hashtags before you upload. Then once your photo is live it gets embedded into the grid, and a little Instagram icon gets put in the corner so you can see it’s already there. Then there are tools that let you hide photos that are already uploaded so you can see what your grid will look like without, and move them around as well.

Added Bonus

It really is the easiest way to manage your Instagram – even if you don’t use the editing features, and since I’ve been using it it’s made maintain a theme SO much easier!

I think my favourite part about UNUM so far is that they are super friendly, and actually listen to their users. This means that with every update the app just get’s better and better. No more algorithm fear, or getting rid of the only feature anyone actually users like some other apps we will mention no more!

If you haven’t yet downloaded UNUM (or even if you tried it before the update) then I heartily recommend you give them ago.

This post is not sponsored I’m just a big fan of the app! 

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  • Oh my, you are amazing!! Think I’ve restored all hope back into using instagram!

    Parie x

    • awww that’s so sweet! Thank you!

  • This app looks so good! Gonna give it a whirl now. Been trying to get to grips with making an Instagram theme so maybe this is the key, thank you!

    Sarah xx |

    • It’s great! hope it works for you!

  • Tmaemakeup

    I’m gonna check this out! I’ve been dying for a grid format editing app since vsco’s update! Thanks for the recommendation! 💞👏🏻

  • Bex Smith

    Ooh this sounds like a really handy app! Will definitely check it out

  • Hannah Heartss ❄️⛄️

    Love the sound of this app, I need to check it out!

  • Beautyqueenuk

    I have never grid posted, I have never seen the point with the constant instagram updates and changes x