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The Great Blogger’s Cook Off

Cooked tart

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited down to Neff’s showroom for a day of cooking, eating, baking, eating, and playing around with exciting ovens. Yes, I know, I wrote the word’s exciting and ovens next to each other – a rarely used combination in anyone’s vocabulary, even the greatest oven enthusiasts probably don’t attribute the word ‘exciting’ to ‘ovens’.

BUT GUYS JUST WAIT BECAUSE THEY WERE THE SLIDEY HIDEY OVENS FROM BAKE OFF! And yes they were just about as much fun to use as they look.

After being given a little tour of the different oven varieties on offer, we settled into a cooking class with some of Neff’s recipe testers.

My tart making



I’m not really one to be allowed near the oven. Although I love to bake and have been known to make some quite tasty cakes and Banoffee Pie in my time, when it comes to savoury cooking, I just don’t have the patience, or attention span, for when more than one thing is going on at once.

I learnt to make a beautiful, and delicious vegetarian tart which was surprisingly easy. I just unrolled the puff pastry, spread some tomato sauce on top, cut up the onions, and peppers and scattered some artichokes over the top – stuck it in the oven – et Voila! I did the cooking!

One thing I loved learning about at this event is Neff’s Bake it Yourself campaign. They have a lovely little online community, led by their ‘cookaholics’ who share recipes, tips, and general cooking chit chat. You can find them on Facebook here! 

Baking demo

Tear and share



After our cooking class, we got to eat all the delicious things everyone had been slaving over, before being given a baking demonstration, and then pigging out on Afternoon Tea! We were really rather spoilt! I still think my tart was the best (it definitely wasn’t…shhh)

Thank you to Neff, Curry’s and Joe Blogs for the invite! You can find Curry’s right up on the event here!


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