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The Gift Guide – For the Non-Materialistic

Day 2: For when it’s the thought that counts

For the un-materialistic

Smythson Stationary / Tiger notebooks / Skate at Somerset House Tickets

We all have someone in our lives who says ‘Oh I don’t need anything’ when you ask them what they want for Christmas. They aren’t all that into material things, or they just feel like they have enough already.

My favourite thing to get for this type of person is either tickets, or a charity gift. Tickets are great, as you are able to give them an experience they wouldn’t necessarily have had otherwise. If you aren’t sure what music they are into, or whether or not they are a fan of theatre, then try something like Ice Skating. It’s seasonal and fun, and if they themselves don’t want to go, they can always pass them onto a friend – no harm done.

Stationary is another great bet. Everyone needs a notebook regardless of what they say. These cute colourful one’s were a bargain from Tiger and they fit conveniently into any bag or pocket so perfect for a creative type on the go.

For something a little more luxurious, try a personalised letter writing set from Smythson. It will give them a chance to sit and write to friends and family over the holiday period, and they will feel it is a gift they can use to bring joy to others, as well as themselves.

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