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Summer Beauty Additions

Summer beauty additions

I’m not one to change my make up look up too often. I’m fully committed to my routine, and the occasional blusher change, or switching up my eyeliner for no eyeliner is about as adventurous as I get.

But these last few weeks/maybe months I can’t remember – I’ve picked up a few new bits for my collection, and fell instantly in love!


I don’t often wear foundation. I’ve just never bothered to find the perfect one for me, it was always more for when I needed it than because I wanted it. But after seeing Jaye’s vlog, where she picked up the L’oreal Nude Magique Cushion I knew I had to try it. (I’d trust that girls opinion on anything). I was right to. It’s the perfect light coverage for me, but can be built up for the evening, it’s super easy to apply, and yes, it’s the perfect shade match – the lightest one in case you’re wondering. It’s also pretty, has an inbuilt mirror which is always ideal for on-the-go application, (flash forward to me applying make-up on the tube) and is frankly, one of the better foundations I’ve used in recent years.

Spider’s Web

What feels like ageessss ago I happened to be passing a MAC store the day their Charlotte Olympia collection came out. Now although my budget doesn’t stretch to kitty flats, or even a kitty card-holder, I felt I could splash out on some cute spider-webbed make-up. I also picked up a lip-stain, which is nice, but it has nothing on this Cream Colour Base! It’s a great shade for us pale girls, and although I only use it on my eyes as a one-colour bronzey cream shadow, you could also use it for contour, if you were that way inclined.

The Perfect FIT

I’ve heard a lot about the Maybelline Fit concealers. I’d heard they were dupes for Nars, I heard they were wonderful, and then I went into store, saw the lightest colour was about 3 shades darker than me, and left. One day in a fit of concealer desperation, I picked up number 10 (the lightest shade) and was absolutely AMAZED at what a perfect fit it was (I see what you did there Maybelline) although darker on my hand, it seems to blend perfectly under my eyes, and also gives great coverage for any one else like me with an eternal dark circle problem.

Have you added anything new into your routine for summer?

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