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Staples or Essentials: Shopping for yourself

Personal Style

Essentials Vs Staples Long Leather Jacket – All Saints (similar) / Denim Jacket – Topshop (similar) / Top – Won Hundred (similar) / Jeans – Topshop / Trainers – New Look (similar)/ Bag -Mulberry (similar)

Now you can tell me as many times as you like how much I need a crisp white shirt in my wardrobe, or a good blazer, or everyday heels, I just won’t listen. Or, in fact I will listen, I will buy those things under the ruse of them being ‘Staples’ put them away in my wardrobe feeling very fashun, and then never, ever wear them. Ever.

I think the whole wardrobe staples thing is very misleading. It’s not that I don’t have them, I mean, of course I have them, it’s just that mine aren’t necessarily the same as the editor of whatever magazine/blog is telling me I need 15 white shirts, and a pair of tailored trousers in my wardrobe or I may as well just be walking around naked!

This, I think, is down to a number of factors including age, lifestyle, budget, and well, most importantly personal style.

Essentials Vs Staples long 2

So here are my current wardrobe essentials that I simply couldn’t live without.

Mom Jeans

These really are my all time favourite jean shape. Move over high-waisted skinnies, there is a new kid in town. I only have two pairs at the moment, and although I would like more, it is more than enough to keep me going! This black pair are probably my most worn, but I also have a light denim pair with lots of nice big rips in which were my first and in some ways still my favourite mom’s.

Es Vs St close up long


Denim or leather I don’t mind. Although I don’t have the classic oversized blue denim Levi jacket anymore (lost it – weep) I replaced it with this absolute BEAUTY of a grey leather from All Saints. Pretty much the best possible consolation right? I also live in my black denim boxy shape jacket for warmer days, or teamed under my leather for those not hot enough for one, not cold enough for a coat days.


Now, these have had such a moment the last few years. I have probably about 6 pairs of trainers at the moment. and I need more. You can never have enough in my opinion. So much comfier than heels or any other shoe to be honest, and they go with almost anything! These beauties are stan smith copies as I bought them to fill the void whilst I waited for the colour I wanted to come in stock. I also have 3 pairs of Nike (air max/free run/blazer), 1 Adidas,(superstar) and 1 pair of converse (classic low-top). I genuinely couldn’t live with out them. and I don’t intend to start trying.

Wardrobe staples vs personal essentials


Not necessarily what you were expecting to hear after a list of casual/mostly affordable items, but nevertheless, I have a few luxury leather bags that I have had for years and use everyday. My most used is without a doubt my Mulberry. I snatched this bad boy up in the sale, and it is by far the best £550 I have ever spent. I’ve worn it everyday. I also have a leather tasseled bag from all saints which I use when I need a bigger bag. Both make great statements, and look beautiful years after purchase. We all know leather gets better with age don’t we, so there’s really no harm in putting the pleather aside and investing a little more on something that will totally upgrade your outfit, everyday!

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  • EdyeNicolesMakeup

    Your hair is so pretty! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend xx


    Edye |

    • Thanks so much Edye!

  • I second that comment, your hair is lovely. I’m also really envious of that jacket – so beaut!

    Jen | Velvet Spring

    • aww thanks so much!

  • Sarah

    I do love a good leather jacket! xo

  • You look fab babe – I am a big believer in shopping for what you want, especially now I have more confidence in my own clothing choices so go you babe! xx

    • Thanks so much charlotte – means a lot!