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Peace in Kyoto

Higashi Temple Kyoto

“The Greatest Goodness is a Peaceful Mind”

Although Kyoto was in some ways busier and more touristy than Tokyo, it had the most peaceful atmosphere of any big city I’ve ever been to. I think that’s down to all the historic temples and shrines than populate every corner of the city.

This temple was my favourite. It’s not one of the most impressive, the biggest or most beautiful. It’s not on any list of recommended places to see in Kyoto. We stumbled upon it when we had an hour to kill before our Shinkansen train back to Tokyo, as it’s only a few minutes walk from Kyoto station.

BW Looking Down

What I wore

Dress – Zara (similar here)


Peace in Kyoto

Higashi Honganji

It is Higashi Honganji and it is still a fully functioning temple, which a few of the bigger touristy ones aren’t. We sat in during a prayer, and I have never felt more grounded and happy than I have done at that moment. The world was quiet except for the chanting and suddenly everything just seemed to make sense.

That’s why I kept these photos in black and white – there is just something about black and white that I feel emulates the serenity of the building. If you want to see the dress in colour its on my Instagram here.

If you’re wondering why I am not wearing shoes it’s because in Japanese culture it is not acceptable to wear shoes inside and especially not in a temple. I couldn’t take any photo’s of the inside of the temple itself. These photo’s were taken on the platform outside it. But trust me – it is one of the most beautiful sights to see.



Peace in Kyoto

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  • Your insta is so amazing with all your Japan photos <3 I love Kyoto too, but I visited ages and ages ago when I was about 17 on a school trip and stayed with a Japanese family for a week! I went to their Japanese school and spent a week cycling through Kyoto too and it was so amazing… I love the culture in Kyoto, which is so different than Tokyo and home of sooo many delicious food! I'm thinking of heading to Japan next spring, so will be looking to you for some recs and inspirations on here 😉

    Cherie | sinonym

    • Thanks so much Cherie – your trip sounds really interesting! I’d love to go back and do something like this, maybe teaching english or something!

      Milli xx

  • you look so great !!! i hope you’re enjoying your trip!

    Hannah at Hannah Venables / A CREATIVE LIFESTYLE BLOG

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  • Kelly

    Beautiful photographs and it sounds like such a peaceful experience.