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Paris : A Guide

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Paris When It Sizzles

So if you’ve been following me on Instagram you may have noticed I wasn’t in my usual location last week. I had a marvellous time swanning around, and living my dream in Paris if only for a week. I didn’t go as a tourist, but went to take a dance and theatre course. But I did have a day to power-walk around the streets of the Marais, and a few other old Paris fave’s so I thought I’d put together a little guide.

The city was beautifully warm and sunny when I was there, and I sat out at an Open Air Cinema on my last night with new friends, drinking wine and eating cheese and baguette and for a few hours really felt like my life is at a turning point. (but more on that later!) Paris is such an inspiring place to spend time in, and I wanted to share with you a few of my all time favourite’s.


Fiat 500

Merci Cafe

Merci Wall

Merci – Boulevard Beaumarchais

Now this is a bit of an instagram favourite, and it did not disappoint. This shop/cafe/restaurant is one of the best concept stores I came across (and Paris has a few!) With beautiful fashion pieces, kitchen-wares, jewellery and even an Aesop counter there is something for everyone. It also cater’s for everyone’s budget with bracelets starting from 3 Euro’s, to several hundred for designer clothes. I picked up a few gifts for people back home in their stationary section including a beautifully designed box of matches, some medallion bracelets, and spotty masking tape!

The cafe, and restaurant’s are exquisite, as you would expect from a store with such a great eye for design. It was pretty beautiful sitting down for a coffee on an old leather armchair, surrounded by old books.

My favourite thing about this place, is that all the profits are donated to charity! So guilt free shopping, and eating in abundance! (Plus the vintage Fiat 500 is pretty cute too!)

Also check out:

So We Are, 41 Rue de Charrone, for fashion and gifts. 

And Claire Naa 9 rue Saint-Sulpice another excellent Parisian concept store focusing on jewellery, and has everything from cute origami cat necklaces, to slogan leather pouches.




Musee De L’Orangerie

Paris is pretty much known as the art capital of Europe, and rightly so. The Louvre, Musee D’Orsay, Musee Rodin, and others are all some of the best art galleries in the world in my opinion. But nothing compare’s to the lesser known Musee De L’Orangerie. Situated in the Jardin De Tullieries, just on the other side of the river from Musse D’Orsay, this place was built especially to house Monet’s famous Water-lillie’s paintings. You walk in to a circular room, and are overwhelmed by the size and beauty of these masterpieces. You are surrounded by them, and it gives me a real sense of perspective on the world. How lucky, whatever way you look, you can see some of the most beautiful things ever created.

It isn’t just the waterlillies. Downstairs there are changing exhibitions, and permanent pieces from Picasso, Matisse and many other famous French painters.

This place is more than worth a visit, as it’s normally pretty quiet as well (unlike the Louvre where you can queue for 3 hours to catch a glimpse of the frame the Mona Lisa sits in!)

Also check out:

Musee Rodin – This gallery is exclusively Rodin sculptures, as the name might suggest. Rodin is one of the world’s greatest sculptors in my opinion, as he has a rare ability to capture the human body as if it is in motion. It’s also worth going for the incredible garden! Walking around a beautiful Parisian garden, stumbling on some of the greatest sculpture’s ever created…not a bad way to spend an afternoon!



Grazie Aboire

Grazie Aboire

This lovely little Pizza joint just down the road from Merci does excellent pizza for affordable prices! Eating in Paris, particularly sitting out on Cafe terraces, can get expensive, so I was pleased to see prices under 20 Euro’s as it’s right in the heart of quite a trendy area. The decor also has that cool, modern-antique (what?!?) vibe going on – if you have any idea what I mean by that!


So what if it costs 7 Euro’s for a cake look how pretty they are! There are several branches in Paris, but the little one in the Latin Quarter has a beautiful tea room which is normally less over-crowded than the Champs-Elysses. Perfect for sipping tea, and scoffing patisserie.


Pretty Much Anywhere

Unless you are proper foodie then feel free to dispute me, but my favourite thing about eating out in Paris isn’t the food. The act of sitting out on a terrace overlooking the Seine with views of Notre Dame or the Eiffel Tower…I would eat anything put in front of me! (Particularly if it’s cheese and wine!)


Shop front

Have you been to Paris before? What are your favourite things to do?


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  • I absolutely adore Paris! I was there in March and am thinking of going over again for my birthday in December. We stayed in an adorable airbnb apartment near Bastille which I think is in the area of Marais. I really grew to love that area! Your photos are so pretty. They’re getting me excited to go back!!

    • Milli

      I was staying in an AirBnb near Bastille too! Maybe it was the same one! haha! You should definitely go back in December – as long as I can come too! Haha! x

  • Fii

    First, your outfit is super cute! Second, oh gosh this makes me nostalgic for Pairs. Love the city, love exploring all the things. Noting the places you’ve suggested down so that I can find them all when I (Eventually) return! 😀 Those desserts look absolutely amazing aaah.

    • Milli

      Thank you! I really wanted to do a full outfit post for it, but I was on my own with only a mini-tripod and none of the photo’s came out nicely! I think i’ll try again in London! I’m glad you enjoyed the post! 🙂 xx

  • Amy

    Paris looks so beautiful! I’ve passed through it when I was on my way to the south of France but I never got a chance to have a wonder around. It’s a place I really want to visit soon!

    • Milli

      You should try and visit if you can! It’s one of my favourite places in the world! x

  • Wow your photography is stunning! I would love to go to Paris and see all this in person! Looks like you had a fabulous time exploring Paris!

    • Milli

      Thank you – so sweet of you! Hopefully you will go someday! x

  • Milli

    Thank you! It’s such a beautiful city! x

  • I’ve never been to Paris but I’ve always wanted to go. Your pictures make me want to visit even more. Will get to planning a trip to Paris soon!
    Aria | Girl in a Whimsical Land

    • Milli

      I hope you get to go soon! xx

  • This makes me want to go back to Paris so badly! I got engaged there, so I haven’t been for about 7 years I think – it was so beautiful there, especially with the Eiffel Tower lit up and sparkling at night! x

    Laura | Loved By Laura

    • Milli

      Ah that’s such a nice story! You should definitely try to make it back! The Eiffel Tower is amazing when the lights go off! Xxx

  • Wow, Paris looks truly amazing! I’ve been to lots of other destinations in France but weirdly never Paris! All of your photos make me want to go to Paris even more, I think it would be so cute in the winter time!
    – Molly x

    • Milli

      Ah I’ve never been in winter but I bet it’s beautiful in the rain and snow! Xx