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I’ve never really been part of a girl gang. I’ve always had lots of friends, it’s just that they were never friends with each other, so when it came to socialising it would always be with just one or two other people. And I always felt like I was missing out on something. I think it was to do with my shyness. Although I often portray a confident exterior this is definitely something I’ve taught myself to do, and generally feel very different on the inside. This isn’t being fake. Parts of me are a confident and outgoing 25 year old girl boss whose taking on the world one blog post at a time, and parts of me are still the shy 5 year old who wouldn’t even talk to her grandma.

Talking to one or two other people is much easier than speaking up in front of a huge group, and if I’m honest I still find it scary, and often my confident outgoing personality can shut down and I find myself being very quiet at large social gatherings and events.

But I’m getting there.

And a lot of that is because of blogging. I’ve met so many lovely people who are so open and accepting of everyone whatever size, shape, or brain you may have. I’ve met people I feel comfortable with in a matter of seconds. I’ve met people I feel I can tell everything to, and say anything to without being laughed at. I’ve met people who let you be happy and fun, but also let you rant and rave about whatever’s going on.

We had a picnic with five whole people in attendance and I felt happy and comfortable the whole time. I didn’t feel like i was an afterthought, or no one really wanted me to be there, or that maybe I’d been invited by accident (all thoughts Ive had at large social get togethers in the past).

I felt happy and comfortable the whole time. And I think these outfit photos show that.

That may have also had something to do with the gin. But the gin was pink so that’s ok! 

Thanks for listening to my little rambles and thoughts – back to Japan next! Big shout out to Erica, Katy, Jaye and Tasha for being great humans. They also have great blogs which you should go and read!

Prehistoric Picnic


Pink picnic

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  • Pink gin?! I need that stuff in my life! I definitely think the blogging community has upped my confidence when it comes to social situation, everyone is just so lovely and welcoming, it really does make all the difference 🙂 You look so beautiful, what a dress! Immy x

  • Jade Millard

    I bloody love this post! It’s great to see how happy you are in these pictures, and it really does seem like you had such a nice time. I definitely agree with everything you have said as well. I’ve been in social situations where I’ve felt as though I’ve been treated like an afterthought, or maybe the people who invited me didn’t actually want me there. Who knows?! I’m just glad that I have my blog now, because it’s guaranteed to cheer me up, and make me feel as though there are people who love me, for the real me with no judgement whatsoever.
    Lots of love to you. Jade x

    • Hi Jade, I think most people have felt like that, but normally I think it’s more my brain making me think that than the thoughts of the other people – I just project my insecurities onto them and presume they must be thinking that because I’m not good enough! I’m glad you are so happy with your blog though, that’s wonderful!

  • Kerona Ledgister

    Lovely post, have a Great afternoon!!!

  • I feel pretty similar to you. I’ve never really had a group of friends, only a few different friends who don’t know each other that well. It’s good that you’re getting a bit better with your shyness, glad you had a fun time at the picnic. I’m getting better with mine as well, I think it’s just something we constantly need to work on!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    • Yes I think it will just be a forever fight to be more outgoing in group situations but the more I get to know people the easier it is! Thanks for your comment Alice – good luck with everything!

  • I just love all your photography! And what a great post I can relate to you a lot!
    Z x

  • I’m similar to you, I always feel more comfortable in smaller groups rather than larger ones but having meet so many amazing people through blogging I’m working on overcoming my shyness x

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