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Moment’s from Lake Geneva

A few weeks ago, you may have seen on my Snapchat (Milligraceldn) that I flew over to Geneva for a weekend with my sister. We ended up spending only a few hours in Geneva itself, and instead took a mini tour round some of the other town’s and cities on the lake.



Geneva is very much a lifestyle city, it feels very much like a city of expat’s, and you would find it hard to meet someone who was from Geneva. Because it has so many resident’s from different countries there is a wealth of cuisine options, and incredible bar’s, coffee shops, and restaurant’s to choose from.  Definitely a city to visit for shopping, and food rather than tourist attractions.


Lausanne is a beautiful city, and quite a lot bigger than Geneva. We visited for a festival, that turned out to be a bit rubbish, but were pleasantly surprised by the town itself. It’s about 40 minutes from Geneva on the train, and when you arrive you’re greeted with a rather large hill, slightly intimidating at first, but if you stick with it and get all the way up to the top, you’ll find yourself in the old town. This is where we got the beautiful views over the rooftops, took a moment to cool down and peer into the Cathedral, and admire the beautiful, traditional swiss architecture. We then headed down towards the lake, walking through the heart of the city to get there.

Lausanne is home to the International Olympic Committee, and as a result is home to the Olympics Museum. Situated on the lake side, it may seem a little expensive, and maybe not worth it on first glance. However, having loved London 2012 so much we took a leap of faith and went it. It was so worth it. It has an extensive history of the games, and is home to some incredible artefacts like Jesse Owen’s shoes, and Torvill and Dean’s iconic costumes!

We then queued up for a pedalo, which turned out the be very affordable, unlike in London, and we sailed – or rather pedalled – out onto the lake where you are surrounded by beautiful mountains on one side, and the view of the city on the other. Truly spectacular and a great way to cool down in the 33C heat!


Yvoire is a town on the French side of the lake. We got the boat there from a town called Nyon which itself was very beautiful, with stunning views, and some gorgeous independent shops and cafe’s. It took about 20 minutes, and we were in France. Yvoire is a medieval walled city and has lots of cute restaurant’s, gift shops and excellent Ice cream. It is a little too touristy for my liking but very pretty, and if you’ve never seen a medieval french city before then it’s definitely one of the better one’s that I’ve been to! We spent about an hour and a half wandering around before we felt ready to leave, and headed back to Geneva for dinner!

P.s This diary post came about as I didn’t like more of the vlog footage I’d filmed – let me know if you like the style of post or would rather just see a guide / vlog in the future!

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  • I really love the vlog! It’s so simple but you filmed it brilliantly, very cinematic. The blog post also definitely helps as there’s no vommenting or filming of you talking. Love the pedalo action at the end too! 🙂

    PS I love your blog layout, it’s so pretty! 😍

    • Thanks so much Manny that means a lot!

  • pretty video! geneva looks so pretty!

    Hannah at Hannah Venables / A CREATIVE LIFESTYLE BLOG

    • Thanks so much Hannah!