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How to make the most out of your wardrobe

Old and New

Make the most of your wardrobe

Back of shirt and hat

What I wore

Hat – Primark (similar) / Top – Cos (similar) / Jeans – Acne / Shoes – Jigsaw (similar)

We’ve all been there. A new season rolls around, and with it comes a truck load of ‘new in’ rails and pages in your favourite shops, and online stores. You look in your own wardrobe, and forget about all the things you had this time last year. That creased-up dress hiding in the back behind your winter coat, freshly hung up and waiting for its time to come again in September. But will it have it’s time again? Or will it, like that dress, be left forgotten about, and end up replaced with something new and exciting?

Throw-away fashion has serious implications for both the environment, and our bank balances. It’s time we started shopping smarter, and making the most of the things we already have. That’s not to say you can’t buy new things. Of course every now and then we need something to help us feel refreshed, or just to feel good. Things break, start to look tatty, or just go really out of fashion. But I think that most of us tend to buy a little more than we need to when a new season comes around, simply because we forget to look in the back of our wardrobes and see what’s been hanging there all year waiting for its next outing!

Why you don't need to invest in your fashion blog

Ethical shopping on a budget

I threw this outfit together out of clothes I’ve had for at least a two years, and mixed in some new accessories to bring it up to date. Including this £3 bargain hat! It just goes to show that if you hang on to things for a little longer, they may come back into fashion, you may rekindle your love, and you may save a little money in not replacing something you already have!

I also borrowed these shoes (thanks mum), and found these great ray-ban copies in Accessorize, meaning I didn’t feel I had to replace my current ray-bans to stay ‘on-trend’.

It’s very difficult in current society to be ethical on a budget, and still feel fashionable, and on trend, and buying pieces you will wear year after year is a good way to combat this. They don’t have to be expensive in the first place as long as you look after them well.

Do you wear your clothes year after year? Or are you all about the new? Let me know below.

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