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I booked a trip to Copenhagen – and I’m going in December so it’s going to basically be Christmasville. It feels like it’s much-needed, as the last time I went away was more for work than a holiday, as I was training. I can’t wait to get into a nice big hotel bed, and run around the Christmas markets in the snow (hopefully). Look out for all the guides, and Christmassy outfit posts.

Harry Potter x 2

I got Cursed Child tickets – woop! I also am going on the Warner Bro’s Studios tour for the first time this Christmas and there’s gonna be fake snow and Christmas tree’s and all the fun.

You may not have noticed yet but I’m a bit of a Christmas fan…just a little bit. 

Care Packages

My lovely sister sent me a surprise Halloween care package that consisted of the DVD Practical Magic, and some Margarita Mix. If you haven’t seen Practical Magic it’s about two sister witches – and there’s an excellent scene that involves margarita’s that me and my sister have in the past tried to recreate. It made my halloween night in much more fun!

Fog / winter in general

I love winter! (but only the pre-new year months the ones after suck!) The cold, getting to wear new coats and boots, and cozy scarves. The fog these last few days has made it finally feel wintery around these parts, and with added spook factor, which just makes everything seem even more exciting.

My life in general

I’m over a month into my new life now, and although things have slowed down a little bit, I’m still having the best time, and finding new opportunities every day. Which is a great feeling. It makes me very excited all the time.

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  • The WB studio tour is amazing! (And I’m thrilled about my Cursed Child tickets as well!) x

  • Haha yes I only like the pre new year winter months too! We just went to Copenhagen this weekend and it was gorgeous. The halloween decorations at Tivoli were amazing so I bet they are going to be stunning at Christmas! x