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Hey pals, it is almost three months to the day since I left my office job, and I am abso-blooming-lutely loving having all this free time. I’ve been up to all the things, festive and otherwise and thought I’d fill you in on my many adventures, just to make you all suitably jealous of my new life of leisure…But in all seriousness having free time is the one at christmas time, so here’s a lil round up.

My Little Box – Christmas Party

The lovely Laura, from Loved by Laura (check her blog out it’s amaze) made my day this week by inviting me along to the My Little Box Christmas Party. It was a rather festive affair with amazing canapes, mulled wine, and my personal favourite’s, the French Patisserie. I was also gifted the December Magic Box which is all kinds of amazing this month. I used to subscribe to My Little Box, but had to cancel a while ago when I left my job as my income took a hit, so going along to this event was such a treat, as I am a big fan of everything that goes on over at My Little Box.

Rekorderlig Cider Lodge

Basically if you go down to Southbank this Christmas you can cozy up in a fun little shack with warm cider, and all the street food your heart desires. I think that’s all I need to say on this.

Yoogaia Bloggers Bruch

A couple of week’s ago, I was invited along to a beautiful brunch by Yoogaia, the company behind those brilliant online yoga classes, where the teacher can actually see what you’re doing so there’s no hiding behind child’s pose and feeling like you’re winning at life. It was at the beautiful Beach Blanket Babylon hotel, we were fed, watered, healthy-smoothied, and we took class with Sybille, who looked pretty freaking amazing considering she had just produced a mini-her a few month’s before. You can check the #yoogaiabloggersbrunch for more.

For a two week yoogaia free trail sign up here and use the code ARTSANDGRACES or to read more go here.

Getting Festive

I mean, I know this is less of an activity and more of a general feeling, but I’ve been feeling so festive the last week or so, and have been going all out with the festive activities – christmas parties, and cider lodges aside. I had a great time wrapping some early gift’s for people the other day, and was pretty proud of myself for how pinteresty they looked (unfortunately I struggled to get a good shot as Sylvie has taken a liking to wrapping paper) I also made this Gingerbread house – FROM SCRATCH (with a stencil though obvs, I’m not Mary Berry or anything).  So that was pretty much me reaching peak festivities as it took like 4 hours and I was pretty much sick of christmas once it was done.

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  • Sounds like heaps of fun events! I’m definitely feeling very festive now, the amount of presents under the tree this year is crazy!! x

  • Sounds like you have been up to some great stuff recently – very jealous! I’ve been getting more in to yoga but I usually just use Youtube videos. I will have to check out Yoogaia x