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June Goals and Good Things

Milli Grace London

10 Good Things about June

Happy June Everyone.

Here are 10 reason’s why you all should be out celebrating today

  1. June.  Summer month official.
  2. It’s definitely acceptable to start going out in summery clothes regardless of the weather – you always have the excuse ‘but it is June, after all’
  3. It’s hopefully going to get a bit warmer, BUT kids are still at school. Enjoy the peace and quiet in your local park/beach/outside area whilst it’s warm.
  4. Father’s day. Incase you needed a good reason to go out for a fancy dinner with your papa.
  5. The summer sales often begin if you are inclined towards a pre-holiday bargain.
  6. No more heating bills. Even if it’s cold. It’s totally unacceptable to put your heating on in June FYI.
  7. Summer nights happen so fast.   By this of course I don’t mean the Grease song, but after work cider on the river. yup. that kind.
  8. Last minute holidays. Go on scoop up a deal the week before you go. You know you want to!
  9. All the outdoor events kick off. Outdoor cinema, outdoor festival, outdoor food markets, outdoor anything.
  10. It’s too late for your bikini body. Just eat the cake.

Woop so yes it’s June, and I’m pretty blooming excited for it. I really love writing these good things post’s as they get my in a positive mindset right before the start of a new month, so I thought I’d tie my goals in too.

June Goals

  1. Get my yoga back on!  – I’ve been soooo bad recently. Although I’ve taken up my aerial circus classes which frankly do an excellent job of keeping me fit (read: in pain) I miss doing yoga and the calm it brings me. I think I’m going to start the 30 days of yoga with Adriene again, just to get me used to daily practice. Or perhaps I’ll rejoin a Bikram Yoga Centre. If you’ve got any recommendations for yoga practice’s please let me know!
  2. Eat better. I say this everytime I know. But this time, I’m for real guys. No more 3 chocolate bars in one day, no more cake for breakfast. My body is going to hate me one day very soon if I don’t start eating better.
  3. Keep my room tidier. I was so good at this one at the beginning of the year, but I’ve really let it slip these last few months. I’ve got to start tidying as I go so I don’t get to sunday and want to cry into the pile of clothes on my floor!
  4. Do more youtube videos. I was so overwhelmed with the positive response to my first ever youtube video that went up just a little over a week ago. I know I need to work on my style a little, and definitely invest in some lighting, but I really enjoyed filming, I think I even enjoyed it more than I enjoy blogging so watch out for my face over on the tube more and more.

What are your goals for the month ahead?



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  • Stephanie Hartley

    I LOVE June – it’s my birthday month and summer kicks in, so it’s definitely my favourite month of the year. I’m hoping to do more Yoga with Adriene too. I love her videos and how ready for the day doing yoga in the morning makes me feel.

    Steph –

    • Ah happy birthday! Yoga in the morning really sets up a day perfectly!

  • Lovely post – I do love June because I know summer is just around the corner and nothing beats the sunshine in my opinion!

    Lucy | Forever September

    • Ah yes summer should hopefully be upon us soon!