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Instagram Round-up – My Favourites

Instagram roundup

From Top Left: & Other Stories / Brighton Pier / Chanel mani / Sylvie star gazing / Tea and nails / Vintage Moschino Pumps / The Old Royal Naval College in my hometown Greenwich / My NYE outfit / Autumn leaves / Sylvie on the beach / Fresh trainers / Breakfast and makeup flatlay / Fog in the park /Amsterdam Canal / Double Coffee / FWIS with Sylvie / 

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Can we talk about Instagram please? Yes? Thank you! I love anyone who will let me divulge into an in depth conversation about grids, square pics, and hashtags. Sad I know, but unfortunately true. I am a full time Insta-addict.

I wanted to do a little post all about everyone’s favourite social media channel, and thought I’d start by sharing a few of my favourite ever insta-snaps from my personal feed. These aren’t the most liked, or the ones that brought in the most followers, they are simply the ones I am most proud of, and like to look back on as they remind me of nice things, or nice times (hence the need for all the puppy spam). I honestly can’t give any advice on how to up likes or followers. Snaps I love can seem to go unnoticed, and one’s I take in a second on a train without any light or thought into composition can become some of my most liked ever. I find the whole thing a bit of a guessing game, as so many of us do. My only advice is to make a feed your proud of, and post things you want to share. Don’t let Instagram pressure get the better of you, quality should always come over quantity, and if you like it – then post it and see what happens. (Milli the world’s best advice giver strikes again…).

Happy ‘Gramming.

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  • Great pictures darling, they’re lovely! x

    • Thank you Kirsty lovely one!

  • Gosh I love instagram! I just recently decided to have a “theme” for my feed, which makes it a lot harder to take pictures that are not of my food or beauty products. Sadly.
    Your pictures are really gorgeous, I just followed you the other day after one of the twitter chats! And I agree it’s a lot more sensible to create something you’re proud of rather than focusing on the numbers. I don’t get a whole lot of followers or likes on insta – but who cares? xx

    • Yes, themes are so hard to follow! Thanks for following, and yes I agree it’s only a social media channel at the end of the day – the real world has a lot more to offer than a picture of everyone in the worlds breakfast! 🙂

  • Your instagram is beautiful! You have written some very true words

    • Milli

      Thanks Kia!

  • absolutely stunning photos! (you’re dog is too cute oh my)


    • Milli

      Thank you so much Hannah, she is a cutie isn’t she?