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Inokashira Park

Inokashira Park

Inokashira Park

Inokashira Park

Inokashira Park

Pink Trousers bring joy

These are my favourite photos I’ve shared with you so far. Not because of their quality, not even because of the Swan Pedalos, but because I remember sitting on this fence and realising that I was supposed to be posing for photos – but I’d got distracted. I’d got distracted by my own happiness. How often does that happen to you?

We were coming into the last few days of our trip and beginning to wind down, the stress of trying to fit everything in had eased and we were just enjoying being in Tokyo. I could’ve stayed wandering round that park forever (until I found a giant bug on my arm).

Maybe it was the pink trousers that were making me so happy that day, maybe it was the swan boats. I couldn’t tell you on reflection. But I can tell you that I would never eat matcha ice cream again for a chance to be sat on that fence looking out at all the children, families and couples having fun on the boating lake.

After our pedalo ride (yes you do pay more for a swan – yes I did pay more!) we wandered round the parameter of the lake watching everyone playing Pokemon Go. We bought beer from the little kiosk because it is totally acceptable to drink beer in a park in the middle of the day in Tokyo. We then struggled to find a bin because somehow Japan has no bins anywhere for public use, and still no litter on the streets. We then sat down on a bench and listened to a man read children a story.

Inokashira park

Inokashira Park Tokyo


What I wore

Top – Zara / Culottes –Zara / Hat – Primark (similar here)/ Bag – Sophie Fleming / Shoes – Teva

We left the park and had lunch before visiting the Pokemon Centre, and that evening missed our last train home because we stayed up in a bar in Shinjuku that seated only six people. We were talking to the barman, and various australians that kept coming in, and anyone else who wanted to chat for about six hours whilst drinking Sake, and Plum wine, and trying all the Japanese Liquors the barman could think of.

We ended up walking through Harajuku at 4am because we decided a 40 minute walk before getting in a taxi would be a good idea. It was. Tokyo is incredible at night. The taxi driver wore white gloves, and the cab had white lace seat covers. It felt decadent.

It was the most fun day, and I had completely forgotten the rest of the world existed.

And these photos will forever serve as a reminder of the day I forgot about everything else. The day I existed truly happily without a care in the world for a whole 24 hours. I wish everyone could do it. I really do!

Catch up with the rest of my Japan posts: Bamboo Groves, Peace in Kyoto, A Kyoto Guide.  There is still more to come from Tokyo and Hong Kong so make sure you’re following! 

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  • Katy Goodall

    I’m not usually into culottes and I’m uncertain whether I could pull them off – however, they suit you so much and you look lovely! I like how they’re a dusky pink and not a bright in your face kind of pink:)

    Katy x

    • Milli

      Thanks Katy, they aren’t really culottes on me but wide leg trousers as I’ve yet to find a pair that fit my short frame – perhaps it’s best that way as I’m not sure the crop would work as well!

    • Thanks Katy – give them a try they are so comfy!

  • You look amazing and I absolutely love your outfit! What a beautiful place to shoot a look book too xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  • Love your outfit! And love the idea that you guys were sauntering about Tokyo at 4am: that’s when all the little and most fabulous details come to light, isn’t it? Makes you think about how small you are and how big and amazing the place you’re in is… <3 Plum wine is my absolute fave, even if I don't drink alcohol usually, and I can't help but sip on this when I get the chance! Your trip sounds wild and amazing 🙂

    Cherie | sinonym

    • Milli

      Cherie, I can honestly say I am NEVER up and about at 4am unless I’ve already been to bed – it was so unlike me and I think that made it even more special! Plum wine is my new absolute favourite and I keep buying it at Japan Centre in London! haha! Thank you for you absolutely LOVELY comment as always Cherie they really brighten my day! xx

    • It was so wonderful and special – the most incredible trip I’ve ever been on! Plum wine is defintiely my new tipple of choice as well!

  • LOVE the trousers! Such a tough colour to pull off, you do it beautifully!

  • This place just looks beautiful! I’ve been loving your Instagram photos! Those trousers are amazing too, I love them xx

    Tamz |


    Very beautiful scenery

  • Natanja

    Ok first of all, those swan boats look really cool 🙂 I’d love to try that one day. Secondly, you are rocking this outfit, it really suits you.

  • That day sounds so blissful! It’s so nice to let go of everything else and just enjoy the moment you’re in. I love the look of the swan boats and definitely would have paid more to use them. Japan is certainly on my travel list – Love Z

  • Jasmin N

    That place looks so wonderful! 🙂 & so does your outfit!

    ~ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

  • sauumye

    That place looks wonderful!!! Love your outfit!!!

  • Karoliina Kazi

    Such a cute outfit, perfect for a day in the park. The park looks wonderful, love the swans.

  • I really love your black top. Would love to have it to fit with my white baggy pants!!

  • Maikel Kerseboom

    I am loving the look darling!

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