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Hong Kong Photo Diary

I know I’ve done a lot of posts from Japan, there’s been a fair few outfits, a lot of details, and this hefty guide too! (Tokyo guide coming soon). I wanted to put together something a little more casual for my Hong Kong post. I was only there for a few days, and I have to admit it wasn’t my favourite destination of the summer, but it’s a fascinating place, with some incredible things to see – and lots of great parties too!

So here is a little diary post about my time – warts and all! I hope you enjoy it.

Bye Hong Kong #milligracehk #milligracetravels

After the most stressful 27 hours travelling ever I have at last arrived in Hong Kong. My bag unfortunately has not so keep your fingers crossed for my little pink samsonite #milligraceHK


Hong Kong was actually the first place I visited although I’m posting about it last. I had a very stressful journey as I flew Emirates on the very same day they had that emergency landing at Dubai. When I got to Heathrow ready for my first long haul flight – all on my lonesome – and saw all the gates closed I was already close to tears. That’s before I even checked the news to see what had happened. All I had been wishing for was a smooth ride out there – I didn’t care what happened on the way back I just wanted to arrive easily and safely with little stress as I was already so anxious about the trip. I burst into tears, and had several panic attacks in Heathrow.

I didn’t sleep a wink during the flight, and was so relieved when I arrived at Hong Kong Airport only for my bag not to show up. So the trip didn’t get off to the best start.


Hong KOng

hong kong

HOng KOng

Sunshine in Stanley

Thankfully the next day I woke up feeling more positive and ready to make the most of my time in Hong Kong. Someone recommended we visit Stanley, a seaside town on the outskirts of the main island. We had to get a little minibus there that took about 25 minutes. It was beautiful, but also a little weird. You could very much still see the British influence in Stanley – and it felt wrong somehow! Although there were loads of really tiny shrines dotted around the town which I loved, and a fantastic market with loads of great souvenirs, traditional items, and also what Hong Kong is famous for – fake designer goods! I bought my straw hat with the cat ears and it really cheered me up!

When we were on the bus back into the centre I had a call saying my bag had arrived at my airbnb and been left with the doorman. It was such a relief – after I changed we headed back in for dinner.

Hong Kong’s humidity in August is really oppressive. You can’t walk a metre without sweating through all your clothes. So the change of clothes was really appreciated.

One of the most peaceful places I've been so far - it's so hot and humid here I think I've sweat more today than I have in my whole life put together #milligracehk

Hong Kong

Hong KOng

HOng KOng

All of the lights

The next day was our sight-seeing day. We started early at 10,000 Buddhas which was incredible. Although it was a struggle walking up the longest staircase up a mountain in the humidity – it was totally worth it when we got to the top. The views are stunning, the shrines are stunning, and the food in the little vegetarian cafe was delicious. 100% worth the climb.

Next on the list was Chi Lin Nunnery. This place was top of my list and it so deserved that place. It was quiet and peaceful, unlike most of Hong Kong, and the gardens were a dream to walk around. One of my favourite places I visited – and definitely my favourite in Hong Kong.

Last but not least it was the turn of Victoria Peak. We arrived to a crazy queue for the tram, and ended up jumping in a taxi – which was actually really affordable. We decided to go up at night to see Hong Kong lit up like I have always imagined it! The view was stunning, and only slightly hindered by the 100’s of other people trying to get a peek at the peak.

We then got a taxi back down into town and explored soho. Famous for its many escalators that take you up and down the hills. We had a few drinks before heading back to our room – and the next day was off to Japan.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

hong kong

Hong Kong

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  • Galina V

    Hong Kong is a fascinating place. I’ve never visited it myself, but my husband travelled to HK many times, and talked about it. Chi Lin nunnuery sounds like a must-see.

  • What some amazing photos – I would love to get to visit Hong Kong one day it just sounds so amazing. x

  • It look’ great, humidity or not. Chi Lin Nunnery is really beautiful.

  • sarah Lea

    Hong Kong looks like a beautiful country! It’s a shame your journey didn’t get off to the best start and I would have felt anxious too. Bless you. Beautiful photos 🙂 xx

  • Katja Knox

    Amazing photos – I love how clean and functioning Hong Kong is and still be so alive and quirky. xxx

  • Wonderful pictures! Looks like a beautiful place 🙂

  • Bex Smith

    Wow, great photos! Hong Kong looks absolutely incredible!

  • Madeeha

    Such a beautiful post and photos. Hong Kong looks beautiful

  • Cristina Leigh

    Oh these photos are brilliant! It just looks incredible x

  • I love your blog layout and your photos! Last time I was in Hong Kong, I was like 9 years old. This makes me want to visit again!

  • I love your blog layout and your photos! The last time I was in Hong Kong, I was like 9 years old. This makes me want to visit again!


  • beautykinguk

    Thi was absolutely fascinating but amazing photos and so great to see Hong Kong from this perspective.

  • It is fascinating. I like reading about different cultures and see such beautiful photos. Loved your post.

  • Kitty Limon

    I love your photographs such an interesting view of Hong Kong, really enjoyed reading and seeing this post 🙂

  • Tabitha Shakespeare

    These are beautiful photos! I’ve never been to Hong Kong but I kind of want to visit now!

  • Beautyqueenuk

    Beautiful photos, the ship in the sea with the horizon behind it, is just amazing x

  • It sounds like an eventful trip for sure! Your photos are beautiful <3

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  • Rachael

    Wow, beautiful photos! I’ve never been but you’ve just added a few must-see places to my list! 🙂

  • Judith Annique François

    beautiful pics from a very beautiful place

  • Janella Panchamsingh

    Hon Kong is so beautiful! I would love to visit there

  • Casual? This blog post is gorgeous! I’m not one for jealousy but WHY?!?! I wish I was there.. :'(

    Im glad you travelled around,the big cities are always beautiful but the smaller ones often have hidden gems x

  • Mellissa Williams

    I would love to visit Hong Kong, what an amazing place, so gorgeous and full of a different culture to ours. I think the humidity would be similar to Florida in August.

  • Melanie Edjourian

    Wow what an amazing place to visit it looks beautiful there. Great photos.

  • fashion-mommy

    Hong Kong looks a beautiful place to visit, your photographs are lovely.

  • Zena’s Suitcase

    I looks like an incredible trip, and I’m so glad your arrival didn’t spoil your experience

  • LaaLaa

    Beautiful photos, their architecture is gorgeous. I’m so glad you ended up having a great time, such a nightmare to travel sometimes let alone losing your baggage x

  • Jo Wiggins

    Sorry to hear about your panic attacks. I’m petrified of flying and have to take medication before getting on a plane. Your trip sounds amazing though and amazing photography x

  • Francesca Nelson

    Oh wow! Hong Kong looks amazing!! Its defo somewhere I’d LOVE to visit!

  • Hong kong is always somewhere i have always wanted to go and even more so now after seeing your pictures!

  • I had no idea there were such beautiful and peaceful looking places in Hong Kong. I’d definitely want to go to the Chi Lin Nunnery.

  • Hong Kong is on my bucket list and these gorgeous pictures just make me want to go and book a flight! Thanks for sharing x

  • Visiting Hong Kong is so high up on my bucket list!
    These photos are gorgeous, I cannot wait until I get to go 🙂

    Dani x

  • Your photos are just stunning, I am getting such travel envy! I’m glad you had a wonderful time!
    L x

  • These photos are stunning, I’ve always been really interested to see what this place is like!

  • Angela Milnes

    ooh I loved seeing these photos. Its amazing how much you can learn from a place just looking at images. I’d love to visit Hong Kong

  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    We are thinking of going next year and the photos have made me want to go even more. I am looking forward to the food.

  • Wow, what an amazing trip. Hong Kong is definitely on my must-visit list. I’ve got serious envy!

  • We were talking about Hong Kong yesterday, as we were looking at holidays and our dream trip to Australia came up and we are wanting to stop off at Hong Kong. Such a great post x

  • Hannah Heartss ❄️⛄️

    I would love to visit Hong Kong one day! It’s on my bucket list x

  • I would have been so stressed if my holiday started off as yours did! Hong Kong looks like a gorgeous place x

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  • Mummygadgetgeek

    This makes me want to visit Hong Kong again! So many wonderful things to see – we didn’t go to Stanley last time we were there, will stick that on the list for next time!

  • Kathryn

    I have always wondered what Hong Kong is like, you see so many generic photos online, but this is great to be able to see it through an actual persons eyes. I am not sure I could cope with the heat as you mentioned but it looks a fascinating place xx

  • My folks went to Hong Kong before I was born and it was an amazing experience! They loved the Island and the Star Ferry 🙂

  • I’ve never been to Hong Kong before but it looks amazing! ! Brilliant photos 🙂

  • Hong Kong is somewhere I have on my bucket list, and I will get there one day. Seeing your amazing photos just makes me more determined! x

  • Amazing pictures! I hope one day I can visit Honk Kong too 🙂

  • i was there in the summer and i miss it so much!