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Having a Dog in your Twenties



Every Christmas, every birthday for 24 years (i.e my whole life) I would only ask for one thing. A puppy.

Then one day, very out of the blue, I suddenly found myself sat in the back seat of my mums car with a little tiny white thing on my lap. She was crying and wriggling and seemed very unhappy, and all I thought was ‘Oh god – was this a good idea?’.

Well in short – yes it was. Sylvie settled in very quickly, she was easy to train, very loving, and in my opinion is the best, and cheekiest little pup that ever walked the earth. But still having a dog is nothing like I imagined.

So let me set the scene of life with a pooch.

Me and Sylvie 2

You’ll spend most of your day outside

Hello, 5.30am wake up’s and frost bitten toes as you stand in the garden waiting for your little darling to go to the toilet.

You’ll spend most of your evenings inside

The chances are that you won’t want to leave the house anywhere near as much as you used to. If it’s between getting dressed up and heading out for the evening or putting my Pj’s on and spending a night on the sofa with Sylvie, I have to say, 9 times out of 10 she wins. This may also have something to do with all the walking, and 5.30am starts. *Snores*

You’ll spend all your money on them

There are the everyday things like food, toys, treats. The occasional things like collars and leads, beds, crates. The (hopefully) rare but big things like vet bills. And then any care costs if you need a dog walker, and training classes etc. It’s worth it though. Especially that amazing collar that cost more than your winter boots. She looks so pretty.

Waking up in the morning becomes easy.

Mostly because you have a puppy jumping on your face, who could potentially wee on your bed at any moment. Also because they act like you’ve been on a submarine for the last decade and they are just so excited to see you.

Your social media feed’s will become 100% puppy. 

If you don’t like it don’t follow. Simples. (shamless plug: Follow Sylvie on Instagram here)

You’ll talk about poo. A lot. 

Nothing is more exciting than your dog taking a poo outside. You’ll also have discussions with any fellow owners about said poo’s quality. You’ll find poo bags in the pocket of every item of clothing you own.

You’ll learn to eat fast

Partly out of guilt because those little eyes look so sad, and maybe just one little scrap wont hurt. And partly because actually your dog eating off your plate isn’t that great.

 You’ll have a new BFFL

Every time you come home from work theres a little fluffy face whose never been more excited for anything ever before. Every time you pick up their lead and say ‘walkies’ they look like you’ve just told them they’ve won the lottery. They know when your sad and need cuddles, or play times. They will gladly watch 101 dalmatians with you three times in a week, and they will never, ever let you down.

Sylvie and me

In essence, having Sylvie is better than I ever imagined it would be, but also a lot of work. My advice would be not to commit unless you are sure you are ready, have the time, money, and motivation to give a puppy everything they need. Remember, they are just one part of your life, but to them, you are their whole world.

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  • I shamelessly ask for a puppy every year, but my dreams are yet to come true! xx

  • Frankie

    This makes me so happy. I cried.
    It’s amazing to think that those little piglets that popped out of Fleur are making people I care about very much so happy. I know they can be a challenge but it’s true what they say, what you put it you get back. Love a hugs to all of you and to Sylvie. Xxx

  • Well said! I’ve started asking for a dog, but I always get the: “You aren’t in a suitable house!” response. Whilst true, is still unfair haha. So glad that little Sylvie brings you so much joy 🙂 I’m still riding the ‘convincing parents is a good idea’ and that a Doberman will not be a bad dog to have haha. Can you guess which breed I want? 😉

  • This is such a cute post, Sylvia is adorable! I’ve always wanted to get a dog, so this was a really interesting read 🙂 xx


  • Damn you for making me want a puppy even more! This post caused some serious dog envy x

  • Awwww, puppy post is the cutest post!! I remember when I got my 9 week old kitten (who’s now 4), I totally wasn’t ready for the responsibility and didn’t train him very well (getting off tables etc) but he’s grown up into a lovely boy! 🙂 x
    Holly ∣ Closingwinter