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Good Things from August

I know every good things post going up today will say this but – how, how, HOW is it already September? Just excuse me whilst I go and cry into my tea about how my life is slipping away from me.

But that’s why good things post’s are so important because otherwise we forget to appreciate the little things, and before you know it your 85 sitting in a rocking chair and wondering what the hell you did with all that time.

But I’m gonna have these post’s to look back on and say ‘oh yeah I remember when I did that thing, or met those people, or ate that meal’ and that is both depressing and reassuring at the same time.

So here goes – August Good Things.

Been taking some time off after my travels to reevaluate everything - but today is back to work!

Japan and Hong Kong

Ok so I know this has been in every good things post since I booked the trip but this is the last time it will appear because it has no been and gone. I had the serious blues for a few week’s after but now I’m back to life, and work because this girls got to hustle until she can afford her next trip.

It was truly the most amazing experience. I would do anything to go back to Tokyo – I think I may even want to live there. But I have certainly been bitten by the travel bug, and am determined to be gallivanting across the rest of the world soon enough!

Also lots more Japan content coming this week so make sure you don’t miss any!

I've always loved feathers. So everytime I look at my new @iconemesis phone case it brings a smile to my face! Now to put on my pretty Japanese dressing gown and get organised!


Iconomesis sent me this beauty of a phone case, and it made me feel all kinds of refreshed. It’s amazing how something as small as this can make you feel so much better – looking at these feathers is certainly more inviting than my cracked Iphone screen. (the irony of finally putting a case on your phone AFTER it’s already broken is not lost on me) I’ve always loved feathers, and the minimal white and grey design is beautiful! They have some really cute ones so go check them out!

I'm sure I'm not the only one dreaming of the beach today!

Let’s go to the beach (each)

We found a gorgeous sandy dog-friendly beach just a few hours from London and decided to spend the day there. Look how stunning this place is! You can see all the people swimming in the corner because it definitely was not as empty as this photo makes it look. It was about 30 degrees that day, and we poodled off here and Sylvie literally had the best day ever!

Thoroughly enjoying this pink themed picnic cocktail! #muddleandmash @muddleandmash @worlddutyfreebeauty #prehistoricpicnic

Prehistoric Picnic

Ok so this might have technically been in July (and I’m re-he-lly behind on my posting schedule) but it still counts. I met up with Katy, Jaye, Tasha, and Erica for a picnic in Crystal Palace park and we ate all the food and had all the fun! I highly recommend watching Tasha’s vlog of the day to find out how it all went down!

What fun things have you been up to this month?

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  • Looks like u had a pretty good month. I might do a post like this too, it’s such a good idea to remind us about the great things we have in life.

    • You definitely should Lisa! I love reading them too!

  • Yummy those donuts looks amazing! All your photos are gorgeous too 🙂


    • Doughnuts were actually quite disappointing! But hey what can you do with Tescos! Thanks Anna!

  • Lovely photos! Looked like you have an amazing august 🙂

    Kate xo //

  • Jessica Thoma

    Sounds like you had an amazing August! Little bit jealous about your Japan trip not gonna lie, so I’m massively looking forward to your post about it 🙂 xx

    Jess |

    • Thanks Jessica! I’ve got so many posts on it haha! xx

  • Minniemousechic

    Your photos are just beautiful! This post is fab! Can’t wait to see all your travel photos!

    • Thanks so much lovely xx

  • jodie.keith

    That phone case is so nice! I’m on the lookout for a new case and this one looks so pretty – not too in your face but not too plain. Just perfect!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x