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Last week was definitely a strange one, I started so well, so productive and got so much done, but by Wednesday it was like all my motivation got sucked out my body and left me to wallow in my bed for the rest of the week. I think maybe I just filled my productivity quota on Monday and Tuesday and decided I could be lazy the rest of the week. Never mind though as I did do some quite fun things in the meantime!

01: I went to Dishoom for the first time and it was literally amazing. I’ve never really been able to eat indian food because of my allergies, and all the local places just feed me cauliflower and rice and it’s a bit depressing. But Dishoom only had 1 thing on the menu that had nuts in, and LOADS of veggie options. I think i’m probably going to go everyday from now on.

02: My pup, Sylvie, got her haircut and now she looks like a puppy again and is just as soft as silk and it makes me happy every time I look at or touch her! What a babe!

03: I went to an exciting afternoon tea press event at the W hotel, and got to meet some lovely blogger friends, and catch up with the brilliant Albertine. It was so nice to get out to an event, and chat to other bloggers about the business. It always helps clear my head, and get me motivated to keep writing on my little corner over here!

04: #IGchat has really started to take off, there are a few loyal chatters who come back every week and so many newbies joining each week, and I feel like we are really starting to build a little instagram community, and helping each other out on the ever changing ever confusing platform. I am also running a Twitter giveaway at the moment, to say thank you so please do enter it to win lots of Loreal and Barry M goodies! (enter here)

05: So far I’m only one video behind on my weekly videos (after three weeks…oops) But I think I just need to make a plan and get organised. Let me know if there is anything you would like to see me film, as that is my plan for this week! I’m still using my bullet journal after 3 months which I never expected, but I need to find a way to incorporate blogging organisation into that. If anyone has any tips let me know!






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