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It’s blue Monday. The official shittest day of the year. Hope you’re all doing ok out there! My advice to you to survive this awful mid-january slump that we are all supposedly heading into is put on your sparkliest, happiest outfit and get on with your day.

I picked up this gold leather mini in the Topshop sale. Tried it on. Did the whole ‘I’ll never wear it, I should put it back’ routine. Bought it. Haven’t yet taken it off!

It makes me feel like the coolest, sassiest, freshest version of myself. It makes me feel a little bit invincible, and every time I look down at it a beaming smile washes over my face. Since I bought this little bad boy nothing but good things has happened to me. It’s been a fucking fantastic week. I know, it’s not a direct result of the skirt, it doesn’t have magical powers, but I think it is a direct result of the confidence and mood lift wearing it gives me.

This is the power clothes can have when you stop listening to what your brain/mum/friends/magazine tells you to wear and just find things that make you happy, and make you feel good.

January is already the greyest, dullest time of year. Putting away our glad-rags until next December, and bumming around in old, stretched-out jeans isn’t going to help us feel any better about our slightly over-indulged bodies, and our already down-the-pan resolutions.

If you haven’t been feeling like the greatest version of yourself these last few weeks – or just need a little boost to get you through monday, dig out something that makes you feel spectacular and wear it all day. There is no such thing as over-dressed!

If like me you are the type who would rather be under-dressed than over-dressed – start small. I loved pairing this skirt with my ultimate basic black roll-neck. I was comfy and warm, I had my favourite ever boots on, that are scuffed, and broken but I still got the ‘oh yeah I’m wearing a gold mini’ feeling inside!

Links to similar skirts for all budgets below:

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  • Amazing skirt! I wanted this glittery velvet skirt but alas, it did not come in my size. I love how you started with something classic, pairing gold with black 😉 can’t go wrong there! I’ve always been the colorful one, wearing bright spring colors even in winter. I just can’t stay wearing black all winter! I think accessories are also a good way to brighten things up if you’re that comfortable in making the switch to full rainbow clothes.

    Cherie ✽ sinonym

  • That skirt looks fab, looks like a great wardrobe staple piece

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  • Very cute casual look. The golden mini looks great on you!