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Five Good Things from February

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Domain Fears:  I managed to switch my domain over, without my whole blog going down, which is what my genuine nightmares told me would happen. Be proud of me guys! I am now and milligraceldn on social media – if – y’know – you feel like giving me a follow or something.

Sorting out: I finally got my bedroom into a place where I feel happy and comfortable. After hours of pinterest browsing, and hair pulling over the fact that my bed could only go in one place I had the sudden realisation of ‘bed in the window – the bed can just go in the bloody window – Milli you fool, you GENIUS!’ and now my bed is in the window and everything else was able to move about, and now I can sleep much better at night without feeling all cluttered and nasty. Small goals, that make a big difference. It also then inspired me to clear out my wardrobe, order some new bed linen, and generally just get my life on track. So watch out for pretty pink linen on Instagram, and a whole loada my stuff on Depop…

Birthday Shenanigans: However much I was dreading my birthday this year (See 25 thoughts on being 25 here) I actually had a really nice day. I spent the day at work – well I say work – I was getting paid to be an actor – which is my entire life’s goal, so I actually felt like I had meaning and purpose on my birthday which is nice! I then got spoilt by my friends and family and felt all the love from everyone in my life, so that was rather nice indeed.

Being Busy: I know this isn’t a good thing for some people, and I am always the first to complain when I get too busy. But February has been the perfect amount of busy. Not too much that I’m stressed and over-worked, but not too little that I’m bored and doubting all my life choices. It’s been a great, content month.

Living in the moment: I think partly down to being the perfect amount of busy, but this month I’ve been worrying much less about the future. I know when my current project ends at the beginning of March I’m going to feel a little lost and terrified so I’m enjoying this feeling whilst I have it!

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  • Yay these all sound awesome! Glad you had a good birthday! I’m doing my next happiness link up on Monday if you want to join 🙂

    Jasmin Charlotte

    • I keep meaning to join this! I definitely will do! x

  • reneejessome

    Sounds like a great month 🙂 I definitely need to re-fresh my bedroom as well! Happy be-lated birthday 🙂

    Renee | Lose the Road

  • Glad you had a great month! 🙂

  • I’m exactly the same – too busy and I get a bit overwhelmed, but I don’t like it to be too quiet either! Hope you had a lovely birthday and well done on the acting gig!

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

  • Ahh yes… the hours and hours on end spent on pinterest to get some type of inspiration only realising your room is not that flexible which means certain furniture pieces only fit in certain places. I remember about a month ago I spent 3 or 4 days trying to figure it out and my room got so messy I ended up having to sleep on the couch for a few days… not so good. Lovely post!! 🙂

    Kathy xx

    • Oh dear Kathy! This made me laugh so much, because I’m exactly the same, for years I’ve been swapping the bed from one wall to another, and everything else has had to stay in the same place – bed in the window has revolutionised my life!

  • EdyeNicolesMakeup

    Happy Belated Birthday Milli 🙂

    Edye //