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Pleasure PArk

Ever wanted to run around a beach front amusement park in the 1950’s and Roller Disco your day away whilst drinking retro milkshakes, and pretending you’re at that party at the end of Grease?

Of course you have. No lying now.

Well, Dreamland Margate provides EXACTLY this situation. I was pretty much the happiest person there, despite it generally being aimed at the under 12’s.

All the retro feels all day.


Helter Skelter

The staff are all dressed up for it, the decor is just PERFECT, the MUSIC and the FOOD. I’m a bit of a sucker for anything with a good vintage vibe but we weren’t the only ones who were maybe just slightly (ahem) over the recommended age having a great time.

The Pleasure Park is where the rides, and food court are. The wooden Roller coaster isn’t up and running yet, (but that’s just an excuse to go back) and yes most of the rides are more suited to tiny people, and their grown-ups but big kids will still have a pretty great time sitting on pretend motorbikes whilst Iron Maiden plays.  The Ferris Wheel was definitely a highlight, and gives some amazing views of Margate, and the gorgeous beach there, as well as Dreamland itself.

Theres an arcade full of vintage pin ball machines, and comes complete with an Ice Cream Parlour. So I was pretty happy, as you can imagine.

Palm trees

Candy Floss

Roller Disco

Jeans – Topshop Jamie / Top (just seen) – Brandy Melville (similar here) / Boots – All Saints (old) / Jumper – knitted by my Grandma / Hat – Colombia Road Market (Similar here) /Bag – Mulberry 

We were lucky enough to have picked a lovely sunny September Saturday for our visit, but any of you familiar with the British Seaside will know that a bit of sun doesn’t guarantee warm weather, so I wrapped up for the occasion in my favourite black skinnies, transitional boots, and a jumper my Grandma knitted for me (the lady’s got skills).

After a good few hours running round dreamland, eating Candy floss, and trying to win a giant duck toy we headed into town (about 10 seconds away) and had walk along the beach front. Margate is full of vintage shops, and independent boutiques, as well as the Turner Contemporary Gallery, so there’s more than enough to keep both big kids, and the more mature amongst us occupied.

Fish and Chips

Food Stalls

Even the toilets are cute

Outfit full length




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  • Candice

    Everything looks so cool!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    • Milli

      It really was!

  • My goodness, this looks amazing!! I’m a big wimp when it comes to theme park rides, so this looks just right for me 🙂

    • Milli

      Omg Charley, I HATE rides, but I went on (almost) every one! (one span people all the way around and went a bit too high so I avoided that!) x

  • Gosh, the tuck box is giving me flashbacks to school, when we had this hut we could go to, and buy little sweets and whatnot!

    This looks like such a cute day out.

    • Milli

      That Tuck Box sounds great! My school just had school dinners and a vending machine! haha! x

  • Look awesome! x

    • Milli

      It really was Amanda! x

  • Sarah-Jane

    We were lucky enough to be there when Dreamland reopened in the summer, its sooo much fun! I recommend a visit, love Margate❤!

    • Milli

      Ah amazing! I would love to have been when it fist opened!

  • So retro, this sounds like a perfect day out for me!

    • Milli

      Ella it was so much fun!

  • michael barnard

    I cant wait to visit dreamland , you guys have done a brilliant job of bringing it all back to life. Takes me back to my 80s childhood ( but still love the older retro stuff) can you please tell me when the scenic railway ( coaster will open) keep up the great work 🙂

    • Milli

      It was so much fun! I’m not sure when the coaster opens but they were testing it so hopefully soon!

  • Milli

    Erin it was great fun, and Margate was so lovely! Thank you! x