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Now this is my first beauty post in a laaaang time. Mostly because I don’t normally switch up my routine often enough to justify a post on it. But recently I’ve added a few new items into my daily body/face/hair care routine which I have been absolutely loving.

First up – Hair Care.

Now as you may have noticed if you read this blog often / have met me in real life, my hair is extremely curly – and I like to keep things au natural in that department (I mean – no one has time for two hours worth of hair straightening now do they?). I went into Lush recently to check out some of their new hair care range, and made a complete nuisance of myself (something hydrating, for curly hair, no almond or argan oil perlease!) and rather than being able to leave with any of their shiny new range I settled for something I personally had never heard of but apparently is a bit of a classic in the lush hair department.

Lush’s R & B  – To be honest, the tub is a bit vague when it comes to application methods – but I’ve been using it on wet hair, and also applying a teeny tiny amount when my hair is dry if it needs a little de-frizzing in the morning. It’s rare I find a new hair product that I stick with, as so many of them make my hair either limp and lifeless (sounding like a Pantene advert now) or super-duper frizz-tastic, so I have been really pleased with this as a leave in conditioner alternative.

(P.s been thinking of doing an entire post on curly hair care, so let me know if this is something you’d want to see!)

Skincare favourites - Sept


Mask of Magnaminty – Another cheeky little lush tub here. I wasn’t sure about this when I picked it up. I’m quite good at keeping my skin clean, and (thanks to my skin being soooo dry) I rarely suffer from break outs. But I wanted to try a lush face-mask, and thanks to my no almond oil rule (not really a rule – allergic to nuts) I was pretty limited on what I could try that even kind of suited my skin concerns.

BUT WOAH THERE HOLD ON I WAS WRONG THIS FACE-MASK IS A GENIUS. Ok, so even if it doesn’t target any specific skin concern, it does a pretty excellent job as an all-rounder. I’ve started to think of it as a bit like a Sunday bath after a week of showers, as it’s not really necessary. But it’s nice, and my skin feels and looks a lot cleaner and smoother afterwards.

Soap and Glory’s The Righteous Butter in mini – I have also been smothering myself daily with this for a while now. I found the pocket-sized version and may have done a mini jump up and down in boots, and now it’s not only replaced Palmers Cocoa Butter on my body but also my hands, as I carry this mini version around in my bag for dry skin emergencies.



Angela Flanders – Ok so another product that probably deserves a post all to itself. A few months ago I stumbled into Angela Flanders Columbia Road store whilst semi-looking for a new signature scent but not really committing to anything. (Because even though everyone wears it now, I’ll always be a Coco Mademoiselle girl.) And then I walked into that shop, and the sales assistant spritzed me, and sniffed me, and made me walk around for an hour outside to see if it still smelt the same.

Normally, if I leave a store, I tend to talk myself out of the purchase – but I trusted this lady so much I actually went back, and after a bit more sniffing, and advice, I settled on this. White Flowers. It’s a lovely light floral smell, that has seen me through the entire spring and summer, to the extent where I barely remember that Chanel even existed.

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  • Candice

    Been wanting to try the Lush masks – heard great things

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    • Milli

      You should, they are excellent!

  • Love lush masks, they are so great! been wanting to try the soap and glory righteous butter sounds amazing for the skin!

    • Milli

      It’s so soft, and lovely, you should definitely give it a go.

  • Heard great things about the lush face masks, particularly this one! Look forward to buying it! x

    • Milli

      YaY! Hope it works for you lovely!

  • I love Mask of Magnaminty – there’s something about it that really just works? I think it makes your skin feel so fresh and minty! Lovely post!

    • Milli

      I know! It’s almost like you can’t put your finger on why, it’s just great!

  • I would love to have naturally curly hair, I’m going to lush tomorrow so I think I might have a look into their hair products, I like that a lot of natural ingredients are used! xx

    • Milli

      I love that about Lush too, and I was so suprised at how good their hair products have been, you should definitely give them ago!

  • I don’t have any of these products! Adding the Lush cream and the fragrance to my next beauty wishlist hehe xx

    • Milli

      Freya you would absolutely LOVE a visit to Angela Flanders! It’s so you! xxx

  • Love this post so much! I’ll need to try out the Lush R&B asap, because I suffer from insanely frizzy hair myself! You should read my last post 🙂 I’ll also have to pick up the face mask, I’m in need of a new one!

    Kathryn xx

    • I’ve used R&B before actually, I did like it but I found it weighed down my hair a little too much in winter – I should definitely get it back out now we’re in humidity season though!