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Cornwall: A Photo Diary

View from the bay

So, I decided that this year, rather than spend the famously rainy August bank holiday weekend in good ole London, (i.e probably in bed) I would up sticks and travel a good 5 or so hours, and spend some time in the beautiful bays (and microclimate) of Cornwall.

If I’m honest, we didn’t really get up to too much. Hence why I decided to do a photo diary rather than talk about anything in particular.  Lot’s of long walks along the beach with a certain little terrier (or terror) who will feature prominently in all photos; hiding from the rain in the pub or coffee shop depending on the time of day; and maybe visiting a nearby slightly more touristy town for an hour and then realising that actually, no, hair-braids and butterfly henna tattoo’s aren’t a good idea when you are 24, and then going back across the estuary for some more walking.

My family have been staying in the same place for years, so it was nice to spend some time somewhere so familiar, and take a break from everything for a few days. It’s not hard to relax when there is no phone signal, or wifi for miles around. Although this is at times extremely frustrating (I just really want to upload that instagram snap – OK!). A good old-fashioned digital detox can sometimes do wonders.

Not really classable as old fashioned is it? (and yes I know that’s not a real word)

Regardless, I came back to work feeling refreshed, and motivated, with absolutely no sense of dread at the thought of being back to reality. A rare but wonderful feeling.

Best of all we had beautiful sunshine for most of the time we were there (bar a few slightly terrifying thunderstorms).

The photos are all of Rock Beach. And no – I do not, nor have I ever sailed. I hope you like them!

Do you sometimes feel like you could do with a digital detox?



View from my feet


Puppy number 2

Sylvie on the beach

Sails and boats



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  • What a lovely blog post! It looks like you had an amazing time – your puppy is so adorable. I am definitely in need of a digital detox! I’m going to give that a go next weekend. Will let you know how I get on.

    Freya x

    • Milli

      Ah yes definitely do it! It’s suprisingly relaxing once you work through the withdrawal symptoms! Thanks Sweets x

  • It looks like a beautiful and relaxing holiday. And your puppy is just too cute! xx

    • Milli

      Thanks Amanda, it was sooo lovely! And she is a cutie!