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Things to do in LDN: clueQuest, an escape room game

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You and four friends are trapped in a room somewhere in London. Slowly around you people are being turned into sheep by the evil Professor BlackSheep, and you and your friends are secret agents working for Mr Q (a cartoon mouse – obvs) and have to try to stop him.

Do you

  1. Give up and run away?
  2. Hide in a corner and cry?
  3. Do your absolute best to help your team and save humanity?

If you answer 3 then congratulations you’ll probably be great at clueQuest.

To be honest it doesn’t matter what you answer because you will probably pass through all the stages listed above during the hour in which you have to complete your quest. Below is a picture of me pretending to be Mr Q himself, who is basically the equivalent of M from James Bond. 

Myself, and Erica, Jasmin, Milly (there were two of us it got confusing – try not to go with friends with the same name as you!), Claire, and the lovely Natasha (who didn’t play but watched eagerly through the CCTV!) headed off on Friday for pizza, wine, and a secret mission, y’know, as you do!

I was slightly terrified as I have never played an escape room or anything similar before so really had no idea what to expect.

But when we arrived we were given a quick briefing about our mission, and were caught up with all of Professor BlackSheep’s mischief up to the point we entered the room, (and a lesson in how to work padlocks – you might want to practice before you go). Then we headed off down a corridor before being left to it!

Obviously I cannot disclose the details of our mission to you, you’ll just have to wait for the action movie adventure to come out I’m afraid.

But I can tell you that it was so much fun, so tense, so dramatic, so exciting, I felt like James Bond!

You know what made me feel even more like James Bond? Completing the mission, with only….dunh, dunh, DUNH…


You don’t get a better action movie than that really do you, apparently our head secret agent / man watching on the screen fell off his chair it was that exciting. It took me about an hour for my heart rate to go back to normal.

CLue Quest

Hence the need for our team name…The Cool Guys…yes….really…I hate us too. 

We were a team of five which I think is the maximum, but you can have fewer, and I have to say I left feeling forever bonded to my fellow secret agent’s – there’s nothing like defeating a Super Villain, and saving the human race to bring people together! So if you’re looking for a team-building event, or just a whole load of fun with your pals, then this is definitely something to consider!

And you know what’s even better – I have one game to giveaway! This means you and 4 friends can come and experience clueQuest for yourselves. All you have to do is enter below!

I’m afraid it’s open only to UK residents, and you will need to be able to travel to Kings Cross London at your own expense in order to play the game!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

This post was written in collaboration with clueQuest, but as always all opinions, thoughts, over-dramatic emotion’s are my own! 

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  • So gutted I couldn’t make this with you guys 🙁 but Imma enter the competition and hope I win so I CAN go! I think I’d probably take my brother and Boyfriend. It’ll be the real test to our relationship!

    • Ah good luck! yes I’m not sure how my temper wouldve faired had I been around family tbh. At least with friends you have to behave a little bit! haha