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Thought of the Week: Blog’s I’m loving!

Blogs I'm loving!

So I don’t know about you but I waste a lot of time on the internet, and most of that is spent either online shopping (hello Asos) or reading blogs. Now, since I started blogging myself, I’ve started reading more and more and learning about new bloggers and different genre’s and there are a few that I seem to go back to time and again (every day) and I wanted to spread some love, and share them with you lot! Now I’ve only been in this game for about 4 months now, but these lovely blogs are all inspirations to me, and so if you enjoy my blog I imagine you’ll enjoy theirs as well.

Creativity by Uli. 

I love reading Uli’s post’s because they are always so different. Her pictures are colourful, and vibrant and her writing is intelligent and insightful. She describes herself as ‘an advocate of creativity’ and there is always something you can get involved in. Her post ‘Found Some Thoughts on Creativity’ post is one of my favourites.

Fashion/Lifestyle by Daisy Alice

This girls got great style and her food photography always makes me hungry! She’s got a great balance between fashion/style posts and lifestyle, and I love the ‘Shop’ feature on her page (saves me a lot of the afore-mentioned ASOS time wastage!)

Food/Health by Lauren

Lauren is my favourite go-to blogger for healthy lifestyle posts. She has some gorgeous recipe posts, and I love reading her well-being advice. My favourite is her ‘Why you should put happiness first post!’

Photography / Blogging Tips by Melissa

Now, I was trying to stick with blogs under 1000 followers, but I also thought I’d put in a blogger that I take mega-inspiration from, and someone who I aspire to have a blog even remotely like some way down the line. Although this technically isn’t a photography blog, but Melissa’s photographs are INCREDIBLE! She post’s some lovely style posts, but my personal favourites are the tips posts, that cover both blogging and general life. One of my recent favourite’s is ‘how to be a success’!

Future Friends

So there you have it 4 of my absolute favourite blogs that I read time and time again. I hope you’ve made some new discoveries!  It feel’s good to share some blogging love, and I’m always looking for more blogs to follow so please always share your links in your comments on my posts, and let me know if you have any favourite bloggers you’d like to see in one of these post’s in the future!

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  • Eve


    I’m new to the whole ‘blogging’ world too, so it’s great to read posts on who to follow, read & what not.

    Love your blog btw 🙂

    Eve xo

    • Ah thanks! 🙂 xx

  • I’m a huge fan of Media Marmalade as well, her posts are so helpful!

  • These sound like really lovely bloggers


  • I followed the rest but thanks for the introduction to Daisy Alice her photography is amazing.

    • I know! she’s a new discovery of mine but she’s awesome!

  • Uli

    Thank you, Milli, for including me in your blog list! This grey Tuesday morning just got sunny in my heart! 🙂 x

    • No problem Uli! I’m glad it gave you some sun in some way or another! 🙂

  • Ahh I love Britton Loves too! Going to check out the rest now – posts like this are so great for discovering bloggers 🙂

    Laura x

    • Do, they are all brilliant! x

  • I love reading posts like this so thank you for sharing your favourite blogs of the moment.

    Kristy |

  • angelina

    Thanks for posting this! I just was looking for new blogs to read (:

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