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August Goals and Good Things


10 Things to Look forward to in August

  1. Bank Friggin Holiday
  2. The Edfringe festival. I’m not going this year, but I love it and I’m just glad that it does happen.
  3. It’s still potentially sunshiney. It may not be but fingers crossed!
  4. Last month of the summer holiday’s which could be good or bad depending on your situation.
  5. Things slow down and get quieter. I don’t know why but August feels much less busy than any other month of the year, a perfect excuse to take some me-time and relax.
  6. I’m FINALLY going on my Japan trip – Wooo!
  7. Finding Dory is out in cinemas. It’s important people!
  8. The Olympics is on – the greatest show on earth! let’s hope it fills everyone with as much joy as the 2012 one’s did!
  9. Summer’s nearly over so if you do worry you no longer have to worry about your summer body and can start preparing your winter one! i.e all the cake.
  10. August is the last month before the start of a new school year, a chance to reflect, make changes, make plans, and live life freely before starting new things in September.


  1. No. 10 of my good things is also my first goal. I want August to be a time to reflect, before I get busy again in September. It will give me a chance to see how far I’ve come 1 year on from quitting my job, and is a chance to re-evaluate and set new goals!
  2. Have adventures. I’m off to Hong Kong and Japan this month, and I will not let my anxiety stop me from doing things I want to do. I will swim in the sea, and I will climb mountains and I will do whatever I want to do. (metaphorically speaking, who knows if I will even be near sea while I’m there)
  3. Get over my fears. This is connected to the goal above but I am also embarking on two 20 hour plan journey’s on my own. I hate flying. But perhaps after this my fear will subside!
  4. Do more cooking. I have more time, so I should use it, and one thing I don’t do enough of is cook meals from scratch. I think I would enjoy eating more, and feel better and be healthier if I took more care over my meals, and gave up the M&S ready meal for good!
  5. Read more. This is always a goal of mine but I’ve yet to achieve it. Hopefully the 20 hour flights will help me!

What are your goals, and what do you love about August?

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