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April Goals and Great Things

Reason’s April is Great

Liberty flowers

Now, I feel like this part of my goals post is getting much less necessary as we move into the summer months, but here goes anyway.

  1. Spring!
  2. Daffodils – kind of a sub-category of Spring, but you get it!
  3. Daylight – lots of beautiful, sunshine-y daylight. Need I say more?
  4. The air smells better. You may think this is a weird one, but I think the world just smells a lot better in spring.
  5. We might get surprise snow! It happens!
  6. Happiness – people tend to be a lot happier around this time, they start walking or cycling to work, getting more vitamin D, staying out after work for cider and fun. It’s just a great time.
  7. 23rd April. Not only is this St George’s Day, but, more importantly it’s Shakespeare’s birth, and death day! One day couldn’t get more english if it tried – and in my opinion this is the perfect opportunity to drink all the tea, and throw a street party or something!
  8. It’s also my mums birthday that day, but that matters much less to you guys.
  9. It’s also my dogs birthday on 20th, and she’s having a party with all her brothers and sisters, and I’m going to die from the cute.
  10. SUMMER PLANS. That’s all. Just start making all your summer plans now, because they’ll feel much less far away!

Right now we’ve got that little bit of motivational YAY APRIL out the way, we can apply all that fun stuff into the life-plan for the month.

Look after myself  – no more excuses. It’s not cold and dark anymore so I need stop hiding in a hole in the ground (my bed) and start eating properly, exercising more, and generally getting out and about. I’m going keep trying to eat more vegetables, and do more yoga. I’ve made some improvements since I last mentioned these in my goals, but I still want to go further.

Vegetarian – I’ve decided to go veggie. The Government have recently passed a law that means animal welfare in agriculture will be regulated by the farmers themselves rather than any kind of over-seeing body. This basically means that they can treat the animals however they want. I’m not ok with this, and I don’t want to take the risk so…I’m going veggie!

Bullet Journal – I’ve started a bullet journal for April and I reallly want to keep it up! It took me ages to plan it all properly, and make it perfect for my needs so here’s to getting more organised!

Hydration – I think that’s speaks for itself. I need to drink more water so, yeah that’s the plan! If anyone has any tips let me know!

What are your goals?

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  • EdyeNicolesMakeup

    Happy birthday to your doggie!! I’ve been vegetarian for almost a year and love it. There’s so many things you can substitute meat with. Just the other day I got some chicken nuggets that are made from tofu! How cool?!

    Edye //

    • Thanks Edye! That’s great to know! I’m s big fan of Linda Mcartney veggie substitutes already! better than the real thing!


  • Bethan

    I think my Spring goals are pretty similar to yours! I desperately need to get back into some sort of exercise routine, it was so easy to hide under jumpers in the Winter but that isn’t going to happen when it gets warmer!
    Good luck with going veggie, I found it surprisingly easy when I first changed my diet. x

    • Yes, I think most peoples will be similar – it’s weird how so many of us put health on hold for winter! I think hibernation is the key!

      Thanks, I’m finding it really easy so far, but it’s only been a few days! I rarely ate meat anyway, so i’m not expecting to be too hard! x

  • Ohh good luck with the veggie change! Definitely something I’ve been thinking about too, would be good to hear how you get on!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    • Thanks Jasmin! That’s good to know, maybe I’ll do a little update post after a month or so!


  • reneejessome

    Great list of goals! I’ve been thinking a lot about going vegetarian as well once I give birth! Well, maybe pescatarian! I don’t know if im ready to give up fish yet!

    Renee | Lose The Road

    • Yes to be honet I’m starting pescaterian as my dr recommended going slowly to full veggie as my digestive system hates me enough as it is! haha!

  • nicole

    I set reminders on my phone to help me remember to drink, it didn’t work but it might help for you!! Good luck with your goals! Hope you have a fab month xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

    • I’ve tried that one before – no luck! Thanks lovely, you too! x

  • Wise Lady

    I’m planning to start work on my garden this month. We moved in December, so haven’t done anything with it yet. I want to be able to enjoy summer having a glass of wine in the garden of an evening!

    That Wise Lady

    • That sounds so lovely! Enjoy your new garden!

  • I need to look after myself more too. After spending the majority of March ill in bed, I’m hoping I’ve got a bit more energy in April!

    Lilies and Lipbalm

    • I hope you do too!