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25 thoughts on turning 25

Mid-twenties. That’s my first thought when anyone has asked me, or mentioned anything about my birthday this year. In fact, I am so disinterested in becoming 25 that I actually FORGOT about my birthday until about 10 days before. A rarity for me, as I’m normally screaming my head off about it the second the heart’s start filling up the supermarket shelves, and everything turn’s limited edition pink for the month.

Good morning Monday. Good Morning February!

Yet despite my reluctance, here I am, 25 years of age, today, whether I like it or not. So I may as well start feeling at least a little bit positive about my impending descent into real life adulthood. So here are 25, mostly positive but not all, things I have thought about turning 25.

  1. I want to do all the things. As in, I want to go out and party, and shop, and eat all the food whilst I’m still young, cool, have a half decent metabolism, disposable income (almost) and no real responsibilities.
  2. I don’t actually want to go out and party. It sounds terribly dull and I’d much rather curl up for a night on the sofa, or at the very most, enjoy a few cocktails during happy hour then hop on the tube and be home in bed with a cuppa before 11.
  3. Homeware. I’ve realised 25 is the year that I’m going to become obsessed with homeware.
  4. I need to get a home so I have somewhere to keep all the homeware I’m going to be buying.
  5. It’s unlikely I will ever own a home that I can properly decorate however I want because rental properties just don’t let you knock down walls to build Carrie Bradshaw’s SATC movie wardrobe.
  6. I have hardly seen any of the world yet! What is wrong with me? I should probably book a round the world ticket and disappear for a year right? That’s still allowed isn’t it?
  7. I don’t have any responsibilities. Is that good or bad? Like, I mean, I pay my phone bill every month? Does that count?
  8. I really want to not live with my parent’s anymore.
  9. People often still think I’m 16 so at least my skin is doing well. Keep spending all your money on skincare – it’s working!
  10. I should probably stop spending all my money on skincare and actually get a deposit together or something. But maybe next year.
  11. I need to start being healthy now that I’m old. But since my metabolism is currently still going strong maybe I can put this off until 26?
  12. Actually I change my mind, I’m going to eat all of the cake whilst I can. Cake is good. I’ll miss it when my life is all about lentils and salads.
  13. Budgeting!! I need to start budgeting! What is budgeting?
  14. People are really going to judge me for not being at a stable point in my life when they know I’m 25. It’s not like 22 when everyone is like ‘yeah your young, you’ve got loads of time’ By loads of time they mean you have three years. Three years to sort your life out before the judging police come knocking on your door and asking why you even bothered going to university.
  15. The world is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Now that I’m 25 hopefully people will start listening to me like I have a brain, and maybe I’ll actually be able to make a difference somewhere. No? Oh ok, yeah because I’m still a woman so that’s me out. Sorry society!
  16. I need to make sure I find the time to change the world. That is my ultimate end-goal after all.
  17. I should probably develop a proper filing system for all my accounts and receipts and things. That’s what proper adults do. I’m a proper adult now.
  18. It will probably all magically figure itself out by the time i’m 30 right? I mean, most 30 year olds seem really together so it must just mean that these next 5 years are going to be really productive.
  19. I need to stop spending all day on instagram and actually start doing things. The internet is a wonderful way to waste my life – but I’d rather be in Bali.
  20. I should probably start going to the places that I always wanted to go to but never did. Even just restaurants that are a few tube stops away.
  21. I need to make a bucket list. Or a 30 before I’m 30. Otherwise I will forget about all the things in number 20 that I want to do.
  22. To anyone older than me, I am still considered young.
  23. Hell, to anyone younger than me I am still considered young. I AM STILL YOUNG! (unless they are under the age of 15 in which case they consider me to be the oldest human on the planet but that’s fair enough we’ve all been there).
  24. I have achieved nothing that my childhood self wanted to have achieved by 25. But let’s face it filmstar, ballerina, zoo-keeper, marriage and 2 kids would have been hard to squeeze in.
  25. I am significantly less sure of what I am doing or want to do with my life than I was when I was 10. But that is totally normally and realistic and it’s all going to be cool in the end. Right?

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  • Hehe I am turning 26 this year I am stressed out!!!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    • Getting older is so hard! Haha! x

  • Happy birthday! I’m 21 so i am still young, but I still do feel like I have to get my shit together. But these are some great thoughts that I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up having someday hahah.

    • 21 felt so old at the time but it is still so young – even 25 is young (I have to remind myself of that now) xx

  • Happy birthday – I love reading lists like this, I think they’re so fun!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • Happy birthday!

  • PurpleButton Couture

    Love this! My granny said she always felt 15! Called people much younger than her OLD! So I think your probably right on track for being you!

    • Ah, this is brilliant! Thanks x

  • I turn 25 next Friday and I relate to every single one of these! I think I’ve also tried to forget that I’ve half way to 50 and haven’t even given it much thought. 25 is that age where everyone thinks you should have your shit together but you just don’t at all hahah xxx

    • Nope – I have no shit together. none at all! haha Happy Birthday!

  • Samantha P

    I turned 25 on the 8th of February (yay for being an Aquarius!). I have to admit that while i’m quite an “adult,” I’ve noticed I’m so not. I still am childlike at times with whining at my grandmother to make me breakfast and calling my dad saying I want him to give me money. No worries on anything, we all are our own person so you’re fine. I totally get the wanting to go out and party but not really because home is awesome thing because that’s me.

    S .x