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Another year…

It’s been one helluv one hasn’t it? I’m not going to dwell too much on all of that stuff that’s gone down. I’m sure we’ve all seen the news, read the papers, or even just spent too much time on twitter ~ guilty as charged ~ 

I’m sure that never a year has gone by with nothing at all changing, but this year everything seems to have changed on a massive, terrifying, humongous scale, which right now I’m still trying to comprehend. I’m hoping 2017 will be better – I’m not sure if it will be, or how it could be with what is coming up – but I am hoping.

Anyway, time to get a little cheerier and bore you all to death with my life story (I promise not to).


Theres been quite a few personal changes in my life this year too. My relationship ended suddenly, shockingly and quite brutally. I was temporarily devastated but life goes on, and I’m now in the process of figuring out my future again. It’s terrifying but also exciting, and I feel very strongly that it happened for a reason.

My career reached new heights which makes me feel so lucky that I’m able to make a living out of something I love so much. It’s hard to leave behind the life of security and stability that a full-time job provides but I honestly couldn’t be happier that I made the jump just over a year ago and quit my job. Happiness > Money every. single. day.

I’ve learnt that it’s ok to need help, and to ask for it, and everyday I’m growing happier and learning to control my anxiety a little better thanks to figuring that out.

I’ve learnt how important it is to be nice to people, and try to help the world in every small way I can. I’m pretty sure I always knew this, and I’m pretty sure I did at least try to act on it, but I’m very conscious of it at the moment in the turbulent world 2016 has plummeted us into and try to make a difference to people wherever I can.

Post: Blogging for better. 


Looking back at where this lil space on the internet was a year ago – so much has changed. My photography has improved so much, and I hope my writing has too! My content has undergone somewhat of a revolution, and right now I’m really loving what I’m putting out there. I do of course always have doubts. I’ve struggled to find my place, find my niche. I’ve forgotten why I started doing it all in the first place, and then remembered again several times over. I’ve wondered why I bother, and I’ve thought about quitting all together. But then normally some fabulous lady on Instagram inspires me to keep going, and I feel better. Right now I feel like my content is 100% me, which is what matters most at the end of the day.

I’ve had the privilege to work with some amazing brands, (erm – excuse me Next and Rimmel what are you doing in my inbox?) and have had a host of wonderful opportunities given to me thanks to this blog – my social media platforms are growing and I finally feel like all my hard work is paying off.  I honestly couldn’t be more grateful to each and every one of you who glances at these pages. It means the world to me to have your support.

I’ve also made a whole host of new friends, and have been lucky enough to spend lots of quality time with some of the bloggers who I now count amongst my closest pals. I honestly owe these girls so much, they make me stronger and better in so many ways, and the support I have from my blogging gal-pal’s has got me through some of the uglier parts of the year. I hope they all know who they are, because I honestly couldn’t love them anymore!


Speaking of friends, I’ve had many friendships that have grown stronger than ever this year. I’ve become a lot better at choosing who to spend my time with, and have surrounded myself with wonderful, loving, intelligent people who inspire me everyday and it’s the best!

I also want to shout out to my parents for being the ever-loving and supportive people they are. They let me live in their house and eat all their food and they never ask for more than a cup of tea in return! and although she’s not technically a person, my dog Sylvie is pretty much my whole world and I love her more than I ever thought I could love a tiny little thing without a voice. She’s the best <3

Post: friendships 



I got to travel to some wonderful and exciting places that I never thought I’d be brave enough to get to. My fear of flying, and terrible food allergies have always caused me severe travel anxiety – meaning flying half-way round the world on my own was pretty much my greatest fear. But my trip to Japan in August meant I had to get over that pretty quickly, and I now grab my bags and run to the airport without looking back (or overthinking all the bad things that happen to people on planes). I was lucky enough to visit Hong Kong, Kyoto, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Switzerland and Lisbon. In fact there were so many trips I’m still trying to catch up with blogging them all. ~ I promise that Tokyo guide is on its way! ~ I’ve got big travel dreams now, 2016 has spoilt me!

Posts: Harajuku / Kyoto / Kyoto / Kyoto / Tokyo / Switzerland / Geneva/ Hong Kong

Happy New Year

If you’re still reading this then you are officially a bright shiny STAR and I want to wish you all the happiest, warmest, loveliest 2017. Thank you for all your support, and I look forward to continuing this little journey with you by my side.

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  • Looks like you’ve had a great year too! Happiness > money any day 😉 I’m so jealous you went to HK and Tokyo – I’m hoping to visit them this summer 🙂 Happy New Year!

  • Beautyqueenuk

    Despite a bit of saddness it does sound as though you had a pretty good 2016 and I hope 2017 is much better x

  • Shannon Bryson

    It sounds like you’ve had a great year! The ups and downs are what make it after all. Here’s to 2017!

  • Sounds like 2016 has been a busy year for you, sorry to hear about your breakup but good to hear you’re moving on stronger! Happy New Year <3

  • This year has been pretty bad for everyone I feel. Onwards and upwards let’s hope!!

  • Hannah Latoya Bond

    Happy 2017 and all the best for the new year. Hope yours goes really well for you

  • Happy New year, looking forward to read your blog in 2017. I hope my photography and writing improves in the new year, can’t wait to see how things progress along.

  • Gemma S

    Oh wow, you have been to some wonderful places this year. I recommend visiting Austria,Innsbruck, Salzburg and Zell am See are all beautiful.

  • Happy New Year! I am in the same situation as you relationship-wise. But I am looking forward to the future. Good luck with the travel plans

  • Jodie Whitham

    Happy new year! Sounds like such an incredible year for you with lots of fab changes. So jealous of your travel plans – dream of visiting most of China, Tokyo & Switzerland. I’m hopeful for a better year myself where I have a few different personal goals I hope I can achieve by the time the year is done x

  • Bex Smith

    Happy new year, have a great 2017! You’ve been to some fab places, I hope you get to fulfil your travel dreams for 2017 x

  • Happy New Year! Sounds like you have a wonderful last year. Good luck with this 2017 xx

  • Elodie

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Looks like 2016 was an incredible year for you – I hope 2017 is even better! x

  • Happy New Year to you too, it sounds like 2016 was full of change and growth for you and I hope your 2017 is wonderful. xx

  • Look like you had a super busy and rewarding 2016, hope you have a wonderful 2017!xo

  • What a ride for the year. Some wins and loses but life goes on and you are much better and continuing to be your best. That’s what matters. Happy New Year and here’s to more success this 2017!