The Comfiest Sandals

    No Plasters Needed

    Teva Sandals

    What I wore

    Top – Zara (old) / Culottes – & Other Stories / Shoes – Teva / Sunglasses – Accessorize 

    We’ve all been there. Putting on a new pair of shoes for the first time, and within an hour of leaving the house we’re raiding the boots blister plaster shelves, and our feet are a mess of blood, blisters, and puss! Lovely image I’ve established for you there. But don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about!

    And sandals are the worst culprit. All the straps, all the buckles, all the little bits that tie all the straps together. I find it normally takes at least a week to wear them in, and when we’re in the midst of a heatwave, sometimes that time just isn’t there.

    Sandals Shoes

    Sandals and Sunglasses

    Now, I’ve been wearing the same pair of All Saint’s sandals for about three years. That was until last summer when Sylvie was a baby and decided they would make a great chew toy. I found myself without a single pair of summer shoes, and absolutely dreading the first wear of any I bought. I tried two pairs, and promptly gave them to charity as my feet just can’t handle the pain.

    Then one day I was browsing the ASOS site, and these Teva shoes kept popping up in all the colours. At first I dismissed them as the sandals of my 90’s childhood I didn’t want to go back to. But thanks to targeted ad’s they just kept popping up everywhere I looked until they grew on me, and I decided I MUST own them!

    Full length

    The comfiest Sandels

    And thank god they did, as these babies are just about the comfiest sandals that have ever graced my feet. They are spongy and kind of springy to walk on which protect my knees, they have excellent arch support, and I’ve been wearing them every day for about three weeks now, and I have not had a single blister. Not even a slight bit of rub. They really are amazing.

    Best of all they are only £30. Now excuse me,  I’m off to buy them in every colour!

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